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RAZ Farmhouse Milk Bucket

RAZ Farmhouse Milk Bucket

Transition a farmhouse milk bucket filled with carrots for Easter to an everyday spot of decoration for the kitchen.
farmhouse bucket, farm pail, metal bucket, easter bucket Milk Bucket with Easter Carrots
farmhouse bucket, milk pail, milk bucket, metal bucket Farmhouse Bucket Filled with Apples
Love this farmhouse milk bucket from RAZ! Just the perfect size for a small pot of seasonal decoration. This one is sitting on the island in my kitchen and not in the way at all. It's also east to whisk out of the way when needed.
RAZ Farmhouse Milk Bucket 3811223
The pail filled with some old faux apples that had been in the closet for years. These were actually faux apples that we sold on Trendy Tree once upon a time and they have been used on many occasions. My favorite kind of decoration is re-purpose - re-fresh - re-new. Love to use things over and over for a different look. The RAZ Galvanized Milk Bucket was filled with crumpled newspaper and Easter grass placed on top. The green Easter grass has sold out, but we still have some of the straw colored in stock (at this post anyway). It's just a wood wool type product but makes a perfect bed for the faux apples.
Vintage Easter Grass
Scrap ribbon was used for a small bow. The bow was made with the EZ bowmaker and simple to do.
ez bowmaker, bow maker, bowmaking EZ Bowmaker
Check back later....the bucket will probably be holding those little white pumpkins this fall....or big round eyeballs for apples for Christmas or vintage Christmas ornaments. Gosh, I need to start digging into boxes now! raz milk bucket, milk pail, milk bucket *Post contains affiliate links.
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