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RAZ Easter Floral Centerpiece

RAZ Easter Floral Centerpiece

easter-centerpiece-trendytree This Easter floral centerpiece was put together with a few sprays from RAZ that are new for the 2015 Spring Summer collections. Here's a short video of the arrangement. Supplies F3500009 RAZ Pink Green Yellow Berry Spray - 3 F3522608 RAZ Berry Branch - 4 (I said 2 in the video, but it was 4) F3510327 RAZ Twig Branch - 2 F3506611 RAZ Easter Egg Flower Spray - 3 F3506612 RAZ Bunny Hat Spray G3522607 RAZ Berry Garland E3536101 RAZ Rustic Carrot EG2598H8 Moss Ribbon RA1367 1.5″ Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon RD106018 Natural Jute Wired Roping
F3500009-raz-pink-berry-spray F3500009
Our container was a white pitcher, inexpensive that came from home. We didn't use any Styrofoam in the pitcher and just started filling it up with branches. We started with the longest of the sprays which were the Pink Green Yellow Berry spray. Each spray has a front and back and is shipped rather compressed. Take a few moments to fluff out the branches to develop natural looking bends and turns. With the berry spray, sometimes the berries can be stuck together from the paint so don't try to separate them too much or during separation it will pull the paint off. Position the flat sides of the sprays together and place in the center of the container. At first the sprays will slip and slide around a bit but as you continue to add more sprays this will fill up. The opening of our container was only about 4-5 inches and this helped since we didn't use any Styrofoam. If we were making this arrangement as a permanent piece, yes, we would have used Styrofoam in the container. We like to be able to take things apart and use in different creations so we do our best not to damage anything in the process. So for an arrangement like this, we would just bend the stems if they are too long instead of snipping them off.
F3510327-raz-twig-branch F3510327
Next we added the RAZ Twig Branches and positioned one on each side of the berry sprays. The RAZ Twig Branches are a brownish green color and look as if they have a little green moss on them. The branches really add a nice texture to the arrangement and have a bit of wire to make them flexible. You can bend the gently, just don't over do it. The twig branches are new from the RAZ 2015 Spring Summer collection really will be a nice year round piece. I can see it making it's way into Christmas arrangements too.
F3522608-raz-berry-branch-set-2 F3522608
Next branch to add was the RAZ Berry Branch that comes in pink and lime. In the video I mentioned that we used two of the sprays, my mistake, it was four. The berries on the branches are similar to the first branch but different shades of pink and also the addition of the green. The branches also have a more twiggy look and drape really nice. You can just stick them in the container and have them spill over with a natural look.
G3522607-berry-garland-pink-raz-trendytree G3522607
The Berry Branches are also new from the 2015 RAZ Collection and match the RAZ Berry Garland. The RAZ Berry Garland comes in either the pink or green and we chose the pink to use in this arrangement. This garland is so realistic. I love the spacing between the limbs of the branch. This gives it such a natural look with clumps of berries here and there and just a few leaves. I didn't mention this in the video, but the stem of the garland was tucked in the pitcher in the back, and just draped around the neck of the pitcher and allowed to fall down in the front. This will look so much nicer on a pretty table, afraid the craft table in the shop isn't much of a setting for final photographs.
F3506612-raz-top-hat-bunny-ear-spray F3506612
You could stop at this point and have a Spring floral arrangement that will serve for several months. But, since Easter is just around the corner, we added a couple of items to dress up for the Easter bunny. The RAZ Easter Bunny Top Hat spray is a 31" spray in three different colors. Each spray has three hats decorated in polka dots and fuzzy bunny ears. The sprays are 31" so this length worked perfectly for our container and we didn't plan ahead here, it just worked))) We tried two sprays in the container, but decided that one was just enough. The colors available are pink, lavender and green. After the tall bunny hat spray, we added three of the RAZ Easter Egg Flower Sprays. easter-centerpiece-bunny-hat-trendytree
F3506611-raz-easter-egg-flower-spray-set-2 F3506611
These Easter Egg Flower sprays come in pink and lavender and have glittery flowers and eggs. They really fluff out nicely and add a lot of fullness. The Easter Egg Flower sprays are sold in sets of 2, and we used three pieces total for this project. They were tucked into any spaces that needed a little more fullness. When Easter is over, it will be simple to just pull the bunny hat and egg sprays out and go right on until the next season. easter-centerpiece-easter-eggs-trendytree We added a big RAZ Rustic Carrot too. It measures 16.5" and just was tucked into the sprays with no real attachment. You would need to place this in the arrangement once it placed in it's final setting. Again, it's a piece that can just be pulled out after Easter and put away for another use. The last thing we'll cover is the burlap bow. And, if you saw the tutorial before this one, you'll notice it's the same bow we used on the Dogwood arrangement. The colors worked well for this arrangement too, so we left it as it was))) No need to do more work if you don't have to! easter-centerpiece-bow-trendytree Next we made a simple loop bow with some 1.5″ Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon which was wired. The Moss Ribbon was worked into bow at the same time and it took the entire roll of the Moss Ribbon. The Natural Jute Roping, which also is wired, was double and secured around the neck of the pitcher. The long ends of the jute roping were just curled up and then left to hang loosely. The bow was secured to the roping with thin wire. We have several moss items that would work well with this arrangement. The Angelvine and Moss Covered Duck comes in two different standing positions. It's made of a wire frame and covered in twig and moss. easter-centerpiece-duck-trendy-tree easter-centerpiece-carrot-raddish-trendy-tree
HE7094-grapevine-standing-chick Grapevine Chick
The Twig Moss Carrot and Radish measure about 15-18" and are sold as a set of two. In addition to these mossy twig items we have two sizes of Chicks that measure 13" and 16" Cute decorations for Spring and Easter to just set around your table. These chicks are large enough to use in the center of your dining table without anything else. You could just sprinkle some eggs, or natural looking grass and a few flowers.....easy peasy))) We have many different rabbit styles to choose from, but the one shown in the photo is an angelvine moss rabbit. The other pieces on the left side of the photo is a big angelvine shoe. This shoe measures about 13.5" and has a little clear plastic pot liner that you could fill with Easter eggs, or a small floral container of tulips or hydrangea. easter-centerpiece-shoe-rabbit-trendy-tree Hope these ideas get you started on your decorating for this Spring and Happy Easter! subscribe-trendy-tree-channel
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