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RAZ Christmas Trees 2020

RAZ Christmas Trees 2020

Time for RAZ Christmas Trees 20201!

Good morning! I's not even the 4th of July yet, but people are asking about the beautifully decorated trees from RAZ.

Each year we post all the images we can get from RAZ Imports on the trees they decorate. We stock many of the products they offer, but we can't stock them all for sure.

Each year we make these images available on our website and this year is no different. And there are so many trees this year! 

Just watch this video clip to see them all.

RAZ Trees From Years Past 2009-2019

We'll be sharing more about the RAZ Christmas trees and individual collections to you a preview of the items we have coming in for those collections.

The RAZ showroom is always one of the first that we visit at market. Each year, it seems that it would be impossible to top the trees from the year before, but they do! It's always fun to see the trends.

RAZ is such a trend setter. You will find so many exclusive items at RAZ that you won't find elsewhere. The trees in their showrooms are outstanding and just an image doesn't do justice.

Wish you all could see them in the showrooms. We'll start our Christmas decorating early at City Mercantile and use a combination of RAZ products along with other items to put a Trendy Tree spin on the tree.

City Mercantile

You have haven't gotten the word yet, the Trendy Tree store in downtown Pontotoc, MS was right next door to City Mercantile, a fantastic gift shop. Well, Trendy Tree purchased City Mercantile and combined the stores into one space.

That store now goes by City Mercantile. So for our customers, we have our Trendy Tree website and the City Mercantile store downtown.

If you are ever in our area, we hope you will come in a visit! It's so much fun to visit with long time Trendy Tree customers. Sometimes they will stop in because they are visiting family in the the area and it's really nice to meet our customers face to face.)))

City Mercantile has a great gift line with products from Annieglass, Properly Tied, Duke Cannon, Magnolia, Coontown Pottery and so much more! We have a wedding registry, balloon services and even fresh flowers. Happy flowers we call them. We don't do funerals, but we can put together fresh bouquet for any occasion from weddings to ....just for fun.

The Trendy Tree website has undergone an update you are now able to purchase some of the gift items from City Mercantile, right from the Trendy Tree website.

There will be Trendy Tree items in the City Mercantile store, but not everything that is available from the Trendy Tree website. We would need a space the size of Walmart to do that! Who day we might have that space.

We never thought we would have a retail store, but we are.))))

Wrap Up!

We hope you enjoyed seeing the RAZ Christmas Trees 2020.

Leave us a comment if you enjoyed seeing the trees! And please don't fuss because we're showing Christmas too early.)))

So many of our customers are wreath makers and designers and they need to know what the trends for the upcoming season will be. You can bet wreath makers are already working on their Christmas creations by now.

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