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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
RAZ Christmas Stocking Holders

RAZ Christmas Stocking Holders

Christmas Stocking Holders are a standard holiday tradition in most homes at Christmas time. It doesn't matter if you have a fireplace or not, but the typical place to hang your stocking is from a mantel and short of using a nail, most people use a Christmas Stocking Holder.
raz-stocking-holder-mantel 3416145 RAZ Polyfoam Christmas Stockings
This is the more typical way of showcasing your Christmas stockings. These stockings from RAZ, aren't really Christmas Stocking designed to hold tiny treasurers however. They are made of a glittered polyfoam and rather large and light. They might hold a little cold cash in the top though))) The RAZ Christmas Stocking Holders are heavy and made of an ornament ball sitting on top of a squared present. The stocking holders are very glittery and decorated in a diamond pattern with red, emerald and lime green. They are sold in sets of two and come from the RAZ 2014 Santa's Holiday Collection.
3438027-glittered-ball-stocking-holder-set-2 3438027 RAZ Glittered Ball and Present Stocking Holder
Christmas stocking holders, don't always just have to hold Christmas stockings's a idea from RAZ.
raz-stocking-holder-garland 3438012 RAZ Candy Sprinkles Christmas Stocking Holders
These whimsical multicolored stocking holders come from the 2014 RAZ Candy Sprinkles Collection. They are sold in a set of three and decorated in all sorts of colors and patterns. They also have a ornament sitting on top of a package. In this image, the stocking holders are supporting a RAZ Ornament Ball Garland. The RAZ Ornament Ball Garland is available at Trendy Tree in two different styles....multicolor or basic red and green.
G3416394-lighted-ball-garland G3416394 RAZ Multicolor Lighted Ball Garland
G3416409-lighted-ball-garland G3416409 Lighted Ball Garland Red & Green
Please note that these garlands are different in size. The red green garland has 9 balls and is about 98" in length. The multicolor lighted ball garland is shorter at 42" in length. You could also hang single, large ornaments from the Christmas stocking hooks. Another idea from RAZ is to use your Christmas stocking holders in window sills like these Whimsical Snowman Stocking Holders shown below.
raz-stocking-holder-window 3416044 RAZ Snow Biz Christmas Stocking Holder
These guys have a lot of detail! Their hats and scarves are decorated in chevron stripes....they have little packages decorated in polka dots and checks....they're even wearing mittens! Christmas stocking holders work well on table edges too. So bring out the Christmas stockings and get busy! Speaking of Christmas stockings.....what was your most favorite treasure ever found in your stocking?
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