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RAZ Candy Sprinkles Centerpiece Idea

RAZ Candy Sprinkles Centerpiece Idea

raz-candy-sprinkles-clear-vase-multicolor-decor RAZ Candy Sprinkles Centerpiece
This decorating idea is from the RAZ 2014 Candy Sprinkles Collection. Just looking at it, we may not have many of the items they used in stock, but the idea is so cute we wanted to post it anyway because you can substitute and achieve a similar look)) They used just a clear glass vase, sorry but I don't know the size of it, but the balls they used were 4" in diameter so that gives you an idea....probably about a 4" x 12" vase. There is a bit of greenery in the vase too. You could substitute these cut foil balls that we have in stock and choose from several different colors. We don't have a pink or fuchsia, but we do have red, green and turquoise which would make a good color combination for this cheerful multicolor look.
cut-foil-glitter-ball-red XY652524 4" Cut Foil Red Ball
cut-foil-glitter-ball-turquoise XY652536 4" Cut Foil Ball Turquoise
cut-foil-glitter-ball-lime-green XY652535 4" Cut Foil Lime Green Ball
For a substitute on sprays, this RAZ Multicolor Sequin Ornament Dangle Spray would work well.
F3406754-multicolor-sequin-ornament-spray-set-3 F3406754 RAZ Multicolor Sequin Ornament Spray
And you could fill with some different white sprays:
f3317663-white-coil-spray F3317663 RAZ White Coil Spray
We do have the RAZ Snowman Head sprays that they used in this project. They measure about 19" and have little glittery snowflakes attached too.
F3416068-snowman-head-spray-assorted F3416058 RAZ Snowman Head Sprays
We also have the RAZ Multicolor Wired Glittered Ball Garland that was used to swirl around the outside of the vase. This multicolor version is new for 2014 and we also have the solid white that came out last year which was so popular RAZ brought it back again for this season.
G3406164-glitter-ball-garland G3406164 RAZ Glittered Ball Garland
The stems from the sprays and snowman head picks don't really show in the photograph so I think they may have shortened those stems and put the sprays together all into one piece and either stuck it down in the back of the vase using one with the longest stem, or shortened it enough to stick down through the top Styrofoam ball. This would just be a trial and error attempt most likely, but I would try making the sprays all into one piece, securing with a zip tie, letting one long stem stick down the back of the vase on the inside. It might be too top heavy if you cut it off very short and tried to stick it down into the top ball. The last thing they used, was a string of warm clear lights on a thin wire. These are battery lights, so the battery box must be tucked in the back behind the balls or in the back of the cluster of sprays.
SG3225553-string-light SG3225553 RAZ String Lights
These tiny little lights are the perfect final touch and they have a timer! They burn for 6 hours, go off and come back on 18 hours later at the same time every day. Hassle-free decorating! Most of the items used on this decoration came from the RAZ 2014 Candy Sprinkles Collection. Stay tuned for more decorating ideas from RAZ!
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