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RAZ Bike Container with Valentine Decorations

RAZ Bike Container with Valentine Decorations

The RAZ Bike container is a perfect little piece for Valentine decorations. You can watch the video below and also see Jeannie's blog post for more details at: Valentine Centerpiece



3928840 RAZ Bike Container

Mini Tulip Bundle

Heart Pick (Pink or Red)

13510G Eucalyptus Bush

35065WT White Gypso Bush

XA1227 Faux Snow

15205-09-44 1.5" Valentine Ribbon

We also have a short video to show you how to put the bike container together.



A container such as the RAZ bike is great for changing out accent decorations for an event, holiday or season.

For spring you could change out the tulips for daffodils. For Easter, add some pretty little eggs to the handlebar basket and a stuffed bunny in the back. 

Fall would call for small pumpkins with some sunflowers and so on and so on!

Get yours today!


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