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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only
RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Decorated Christmas Trees

RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Decorated Christmas Trees

2013-raz-tree-holiday-on-ice-2 RAZ 2013 Holiday On Ice Tree #2
ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: (Items that we will have in stock at Trendy Tree will have links attached to the products) 3210388 Snowflake Ornament 3220018 Glittered Snowflake Ornament 3256437 Glittered Candy Ornament 3302941 Sequined Top Hat 3303098 Snowman Ornament 3316424 Snowman with Tree 3316508 Snowman Head 3323070 Snowman Cluster Ornament 3329158 Skating Snowman 3329164 Skating Snowman Ornament F3100088 Glittered Ball Spray F3100092 Glittered Ball Spray F3217578 Glittered Curly Spray F3302933 Top Hat Spray F3302934 Glittered Pine with Ball Spray F3306783 Snowman Head Spray F3310350 Swirl Spray G3216179 Ball Garland G3306237 Snowball Wired Garland
2013-raz-tree-holiday-on-ice-1 RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Tree #1


3302939 Mitten Cluster Ornament 3302940 Clip-on Sequined Poinsettia 3323074 Beaded Swirl Ornament 3338013 Glittered Bow Ornament 3338016 Flocked Sleigh Ornament 3338019 Flat Glittered Present Ornament F3100088 Glittered Ball Spray F3306837 Glittered Swirl Spray F3317656 Cascading Crystal Snowflake Spray F3326015 Pine with Ball Spray M3200261 4' Pre-lit Flocked Slim Tree R3322725 Plaid Wired Ribbon

Other popular items from this collection include the Red and Lime Green Polka Dot Top Hats. These will be available again this year in two sizes. The creation that RAZ did last year was extremely popular so we will share it again.


According to the instructions from RAZ, the hats were wired together and then sprays used to cover up the wire. It doesn't really show in the photo, but it must be suspended from the ceiling looks like.

In addition to the top hats shown in the image, there is a new lighted top hat for this year that is decorated with swirls. These hats measure approximately 11.5" x 13" and will be priced individually.


Browse through the RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice's chocked full with festive holiday decorations that you're going to love)))

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