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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
RAZ 2013 Forest Friends Mantel Decoration with Elf

RAZ 2013 Forest Friends Mantel Decoration with Elf

forest-friends-decorating-ideas-3 This is a mantel arrangement done by the RAZ designers using items from the 2013 Forest Friends Collection. We don't have the SKU numbers of the exact items that RAZ used, but we have some of the same or similar. The focal point is the large 29" Forest Friends Elf in red, green.
3302847-forest-friend-elf RAZ Forest Friends Elves 3302847
  • 2 Assorted styles, set includes one of each style
  • Made of Polyester
  • Red, Green
  • Measures 29" X 8"
  • Not Intended for Children
  • For Decorative Use Only
♥ RAZ Exclusive The elves are flexible so you can pose them into all sorts of positions. RAZ has one of the elves sitting on a little wooden stool or riser, in front of a mirror which really add to the overall look. The mantel is covered a couple of different styles of greenery, and also looks like they have used Branches with Bird Nest. There are two styles of these branches available at Trendy Tree, one with one nest and the other with two nest.
f3202520-branch-nests RAZ Forest Friends Branch with Two Bird Nest F3202520
f3202520-branch-nest-pinecones RAZ Branch with Bird Nest and Pine Cones F3202520
The Elf is holding a RAZ Brown Feathered Bird in his hand and there is a couple more in the display. We have two styles of RAZ Feathered Birds in stock.
3252358-clip-on-brown-feathered-birds-set-2 RAZ Feathered Birds 3252358
3252357-feathered-clip-on-birds-set-2 RAZ Feathered Birds 3252357

Both these styles of birds are light as a feather and will clip to your tree or other decorations. You can also position the sitting on the nest.

There is a RAZ Squirrel ornament sitting beside the elf on the stool. We have several styles and sizes in stock.

3253473-8-inch-squirrels RAZ Furry 8" Squirrels 3253473
3152279-squirrels-set-2 RAZ 13" Squirrels 3152279

These squirrels are a little different and made from Styrofoam, paper and straw like material. We have several other styles an sizes in stock. Both of these sets of squirrels are from the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection. So many of the items from the RAZ Aspen Sweater and Forest Friends collections are interchangeable.

This display would also look great with some red berry sprays for a little more color.

Browse through all the items in the RAZ Forest Friends Collection today!

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