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RAZ 2012 Natural Woodsy Look Decorations

Natural Christmas decorations are always gorgeous whether you use fresh red berries, limbs and twigs right from your backyard or artificial things. But this year RAZ had added a huge new collection of woodsy themed products from Woodland Elves to squirrels and birds in stocking caps. Woodland Elf all dressed in brown tones.....has an aged look....but notice his hat.....made of pinecone. Several different styles of little birds....some wearing stocking caps, some with burlap trim and lots of different little stuffed animals - rabbits - etc. RAZ owls have always been wildly popular at Trendy Tree - from white to brown and black. Lots of new varieties in owls. This one is made with more twig. These natural looking twig balls will be available in two sizes and two color variations.....brown twig, bark look and a lighter whitish gray bark look. This photo shows the new squirrel and new grayish flocked pine cone. Pine Cones in different sizes and styles will be available along with a new pine cone spray and pine cone lighted branches. This photo was not from the RAZ showroom, but similar natural themes were found at other companies. Note the metal ribbon on this tree. These snow covered twig houses were available in several sizes from RAZ and look great on the tree on a table top. This natural looking tree had some blue accents to it. More feathered birds and note the birch log. Light as a feather! I heard someone say...."well I could just go in my backyard and get some sticks." But really, these were light as a feather and come in assorted sizes, some in bundles in different lengths and widths.....they make a very interesting accent to the tree.....and much safer and lighted than real wood pieces)) Jingle bell clusters in two different sizes, all tied with burlap. Burlap was everywhere.....frosted red berries and here's a bundle of the birch branches...tied with burlap. This was the top of a tree....not the best photo, but the birch branches were used in the top and little owls just perched in the top of the tree. Dark natural looking pine cone in two sizes.....large...and very large))) Really like the birch ribbon.....looks like you just peeled it off a birch tree. One of the new styles of owls....smooth head. Like the way he is perched on the branches. Burlap, twigs, branches, feathers, anything natural appears to be very popular this coming season.
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