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Quick & Easy Fall Bicycle Wheel Door Hanger

Quick & Easy Fall Bicycle Wheel Door Hanger

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Fall Bicycle Wheel Door Hanger

Super quick and easy bicycle wheel door hanger for fall. This cute door hanger was made with just two fall sprays, a quick bow and bit of raffia. Anyone can make this door hanger! You could call this another K.I.S.S. project - for instance, keep it short and simple or keep it simple silly!

Bicycle Wheel

This is a real bicycle wheel! Yes, it's been modified so that it will hang flat against the door, and it doesn't have a tire. The bicycle wheel is a product that was designed by Trendy Tree and manufactured by Craig Bachman Imports. The bicycle wheel is available in several color and a couple of sizes. You can see them all here: Bicycle Wheel Rachel used the lime green 16.5" wheel for this project.

Floral Picks

A sunflower pick was the primary floral source for this project, but to add more fullness, Rachel added in another similar fall grassy pick. You've seen us use this Sunflower Cattail pick before. It has become one of our "go to" picks because we love it so much! The second fall pick was a fox tail pick which has since sold out, but for this project you could always just add in another fall pick for extra fullness. For instance, this seeding elm pick would work just as well. fall pick, bicycle wheel, door hanger, door decor, seeding elm. The quick and easy part to this bicycle door hanger, is the fact that she didn't have to use any Strofoam, hot glue or anything special.

Building the Door Hanger

The Sunflower spray is more like a bouquet of sorts rather than just a pick. It has some burlap wrapped around the stem. The two picks were put together and more burlap string just wrapped around the stems holding them together. The bouquet was then attached to the bicycle wheel with jute covered wire. No messy look from the back! No Styrofoam to cover up. This would be a good door hanger for a glass door as far as the view from the back. Be careful with glass though. The bicycle wheel is made of aluminum. Here's a close up of the attachment. Hardly noticeable at all! fall door decor, fall door hanger, green bicycle wheel, bicycle wheel decoration


The simple bow was made with three different ribbon styles all for fall. We have so many ribbons for you to choose from! Just take your pick. RGA1202R2 Fall Glitter Plaid X916309-49 Sunflower Ivory Cabana Stripe RG128266 Talisman Black Edge


Rachel hung the bicycle wheel with a piece of ribbon used as a hanger. As I said....quick and easy! Anyone can make a beautiful fall bicycle wheel door hanger just like this. And for example, you could easily remove the fall bouquet in a few weeks and attach some Christmas greenery and pretty Christmas bow. So many choices. If you would like to see more quick easy door decorations and project like this....just leave us a comment. Here's another link to a quick and easy K.I.S.S. type project. Fall Sunflower Tobacco Basket *This post contains affiliate links.
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