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How to Use a Wreath Form that Doesn't Match Your Mesh

How to Use a Wreath Form that Doesn't Match Your Mesh

Pink Wreath Form - Red Mesh - No Problem!

This year it's really been difficult for us to get in Work I imagine you well know)))

So, sometimes, you just have to make do with what you have! 

Today we're working on a Patriotic wreath and I just wanted to show you how we used a hot pink wreath form with red mesh.....and it doesn't show!

Just watch the video below))

It's always best to try to match your wreath form to the color of your base mesh, unless you're going for a contrasting look.

But in today's case, we used a hot pink wreath form, pencil style, with red fabric mesh.

Key Points:

1. A pencil wreath ties are smaller than work wreath ties and easier to hide.

2. Fabric mesh yields better coverage and less "see thru" than plain mesh. You can use more layers of plain mesh to increase the density of course.

3. We used a small amount of hot glue to seal together a bit of mesh over the ties after they had been turned to the inside.

4. You might consider snipping off the tips of the ties but we don't usually do that since we re-use wreath form over at times.

Hope this post helps with the problem and we are getting in tons of wreath forms soon))

If you have any questions or comments just leave us a note!

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