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Pink Diva Christmas Trees

pink diva cristmas trees

These pink divas Christmas trees from one of our supplier's showroom has used pink as the primary ribbon color and zebra print accents. The blue touches are a plastic glittered fern leaf.

pink diva tree

This tree also has some lime green and blue ribbon for color. Funky polka dot and striped huge Christmas tree shaped tin ornaments and a large soft glittered white snowman at the top. Word ornaments of "Diva" are colored in pink and purple.

zebra balls

This smaller Diva tree has the RAZ pink and black Zebra Balls as a primary ornament and lots of turquoise glittered fern stems.

zebra ball

Black Zebra Balls and whimsical Red Heart ornament.

whimsical blue heart

Whimsical Blue Heart ornament and I see an edge of purple polka dotted ribbon that I had not noticed before. This tree is just loaded with goodies.

lime green heart

Lime Green Heart and another funky shaped green glittered ornament. Looks like some of the ribbon was a pink checked or plaid ribbon.

zebra balls

Great ideas for a tree for your divas' room. This tree is so loaded it's hard to tell, but I think that's a green tree underneath all the glamour. Glitz and shine....can't go wrong with that theme for a teenager or even a younger little girl.

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