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Persimmon Branches Arrangement

Persimmon Branches Arrangement

Carrie gave me this wood, glass and iron bottle vase set a while back and I've enjoyed using it so much. It's simple, has clean lines and typically I but single stem flowers in it. Course nothing is blooming at my house right now, so we wanted some for fall. RAZ came out with these beautiful persimmon branches this season and I love them! They are just a beautiful color. And they have that little touch of grey, frosty looking color. So natural looking. Here's a little video showing how we made the arrangement. Thanks to Rachel Wiygul at the Trendy Tree store in Pontotoc. This arrangement is a project I call K.I.S.S. "keep is simply silly.....or keep is short and simple."


F3902420 RAZ Persimmon Branch FL4055-OG Fall Japanese Maple 13389GN Eucalyptus Pick Corn Husk (picked up at Farmer's Market)

Putting it All Together

I wanted an airy natural look to the arrangement so was hoping that we could just pop some stems into the bottles. However, the stems on most florals and picks are not that pretty. We thought about putting Spanish moss down in the bottles but decided to try the corn husks because so tear so easily and have a fall look. We shredded the corn husks and dropped them in the bottles. The concern was, however, would we be able to get them out later! During the Facebook live presentation, one viewer had a great idea. She said put water in the bottles later and the corn husk would rise up making them easier to get out. Thank you to that viewer! To further conceal the persimmon branches plastic stems, Rachel took a bit of hot glue and just wrapped the stems in the corn husk. Securing at the starting and ending point. The persimmon branches were cut into several pieces and only two branches were used for the five bottle display. There was not a piece of the persimmon branch in each bottle, so it would have more of a random look. The persimmons look so real! Course she and Carrie and had never seen a persimmon on a tree! Can you believe that....Southern girls who knew nothing about the old trick of getting someone to bite into an unripe persimmon))) To add a little more interest to the persimmon branches, Rachel added in a bit of Japanese maple leaves and Ecualyptus. The look was exactly what we were going for. Love the bluish tint to the Eucalyptus leaves. Have you noticed how popular Eucalyptus seems lately? Wreaths, door swags and arrangement, all filled with Eucalytpus or wreath bases of Eucualyptus.

What's Coming Up Next

Next stop on the decorating list, is my mantel. To achieve a bit of a coordinated look, we plan to put pumpkins that we painted in shades of blue, cream and green on the mantel and leave some natural. Put in maybe one of the persimmon picks and more Eucalyptus. We'll do a quick video when that's done. Here's a link to a recent arrangement Rachel did using sunflowers and a tobacco basket: K.I.S.S. Fall Sunflower Tobacco Basket If you like this post, we hope you will share it with your friends, and leave us a comment if you would like to see more of quick and simple "k.i.s.s." decorating ideas!
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