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Peppermint Christmas Decorations

Good Housekeeping has some great Christmas decorating ideas with crisp cool red and white peppermint. Peppermint style decorations fit perfectly with the RAZ Gumdrops and Jellybeans Collection this year. Take a look of some of their photos.
white dish with white candles surrounding by peppermint candies
This candy and candle display can be put together with items you probably already have right in your cabinets. Any white battery powered votive candlesshape white dish would do. You could also use battery powered tea light or votives (less heat) and safer around small children. This display would also be nice using individually wrapped peppermints and placed on a coffee table so family and visitors could help themselves to the candy.
peppermint candy stick
This arrangement would be pretty too with clear crystal dishes filled with peppermint candy. This candy looks like the old fashioned Bob's Peppermint Sticks......soft, sweet......(getting up now....headed to the kitchen looking for peppermint).
red and white peppermint styled table setting
Love this simple look in red and white. White dinner plates on top of red chargers. Great way to use your basic white china. Nice look for Valentine's Day too...sans the red berries. No fancy napkins rings needed, just a bit of red ribbon and a sprig of green. The striped cloth looks like table runners crosswise on the table.
hanging candy canes in a window
peppermint candy canes 17" styrofoamNice window dressing with peppermint candy canes hanging. You could do these symetrical or stagger them at different heights. The polka dot ribbon adds a bit of whimsey and notice how the ribbon is just looped over the candy cane, no knots. Looks like they are secured at the top of the window underneath the garland.
green wreath with peppermint striped ribbon

This is a fresh bay leaf wreath with simple red and white diagonal ribbon. Crisp and clean. Makes a nice welcome on your front door, or could be hung on a wall, wreath stand etc. red and white diagonal striped ribbon

We have a whole section of Peppermint, Sweets and Gingerbread items on Trendy Tree all grouped together to make it easy for you to browse our Peppermint goodies. You'll find ornaments, table decorations, garlands, picks and sprays, Christmas stockings and peppermint striped mesh netting and ribbons.

Thank you Good Housekeeping! Keep on inspiring us!

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