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Pencil Twist Work Wreaths and Garlands

New Work Wreaths! This is the new Pencil Twist Work Wreath. The twists are made of tinsel just about the width of a pencil. The wreaths are the same color as the tinsel and available in all the standard colors of the previous Work Wreath. The old Work Wreaths are still available so. They should be arriving in May. Some of the Pencil Twist wreaths have about 1" ball secured to the tip of the tinsel. These colors include red with red balls, red with green balls, green with green balls, green with red balls, silver with silver balls and gold with gold balls. We'll be stocking all these colors also. The same styles will be available in garland also. These will all be stocked with and without the balls - all arriving in June - all the colors available were ordered. This is a wreath made with the new Pencil Twist Work Wreath. The gold loops below and above where the mesh was secured is a new Pencil Garland that matches the Pencil Work Wreath and also comes in a Pencil Spray. Another new style of Work Wreath is the Glitter Twig Work Wreath - also available as a Work Garland. Colors include Lime, Red, Silver and Gold in both the wreaths and garlands - arriving in June. And the last was the brown/green and green/brown Twig Wreath and Garland. These Work products are a mossy green and brown color which should be great for spring and summer or for fresh greenery year round. Wreaths, garlands and a square wreaths were ordered in this style - also arriving in June. I can't wait for the new products to get here! I know you'll be as excited about them as we are.
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