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Peek at the 2012 RAZ Collections

New products from the RAZ 2012 collections will be added to the website soon! These products won't be arriving before this summer and I always hesitate about putting them on the website so early since they won't be available for purchase until they actually are in stock. But, we choose to go ahead and list them because so many people start planning their holiday themes and decorations earlier in the year and are ready to buy just as quick as the products start arriving. Anytime you see something listed on the website as "arriving soon" etc, even though the website isn't configured to accept pre-orders, you can just send me an email and I'll do my very best to let you know just as quick as they arrive.
Candy Wonderland - you will find many of your favorite items from the 20122 Gumdrop and Jellybeans collections in the new Candy Wonderland this year along with many new additions. The adorable Elves are back again along with two new sizes and style that is more of an "aged" elf.....the granddaddy Elf I like to call him))) More styles and colors of the polyfoam candy houses, some with a waffle cone look, some in lilac, pink and green. More soft gingerbread ornaments, whimsical snowmen and large polyfoam ice cream cones that look like a huge cone of cotton candy. Gumdrops sprays are back and a strand of the cutest gumdrop lights! The strand of lights contains five sugary look gumdrops that are about 5" x 6" in pink, green, purple, blue and white.....sure to be a hit for this year))) Candy Wonderland collection is chocked full of sweets, candies, lollipops, gingerbread and elves. Colors include pink, lime green, blue, white, lilac, pastel pink and fuchsia. The giant lollipops are back too)))

Cookie Confections - more sweet goodies! New gingerbread houses made of claydough with new tabletop claydough trees. Many items from the red/green/pink/white No Peeking Collection will be found this year in the Cookie Confections along with so many new additions to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Cookie ornaments were wildly popular last year in all sizes and styles.....and we had some big ones....but this there are HUGE cookie ornaments and some of them had easel backs so they will stand on tabletops. This snowman cookie is 17.5" x 10.5" and although you can't see it in the photo, has a easel back. Adorable! Looks just like a cookie frosted in Royal icing...the size of this snowman would take up a whole cookie sheet!

Gingerbread houses in traditional brown, but also some that are iced in sparkling white and red peppermints and candies. Snowflakes that look like gingerbread and some that look like ribbon candy. The old popular ribbon candy ornaments have been retired, but the new ones are fantastic and bigger! Beaded candy canes and new candy sprays. The new cookie candy canes on the right are decorated with candy pieces that look so real, you'll have trouble with keeping your hands off it! The icing on the new ornaments has such a gloss to it, very deep and shiny. The cookie candy candy canes will be available in to sizes, an 8" and 11.5".

Colors in the Cookie Confections collection are your typical brown gingerbread color, lots of white, red, lime green and darker green with touches of yellow in primary colors.

Decorate with the Cookie Confections and Candy Wonderderland.....and your kids will love you)))

I'm not finished with this do come back later! Lots more collections to fill you in on!

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