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Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

Looking for some bright spots of color! Check out these paper flowers from RAZ. So colorful and easy to decorate with.
F3806619 RAZ Mixed Wildflower Bundle
The above image is from the RAZ catalog and would be easy to duplicate. No need to get out your chainsaw! We have wood slices that are perfect for this arrangement.
MD0193 Wood Slice with Bark
These wood slices also make great pieces to use on your dining table. Use more than one for a rise effect. Slice is made of basswood and measures about 14"
F380210 Assorted Flower Bundle
These assorted flower bundles from RAZ are brightoly colored and each bundle has a jute wrap around the stem. Perfect for just laying around on a table top, or in a simple vase. They measure about 12" and are made of paper and wire. If pink is your thing (and it's my favorite I think) look at this blossom bush (one on the right) from RAZ in shades of pink. It also is made of paper and looks very pretty in a simple vase. If you don't like the look of an artificial stem in a clear vase, you can also fill in around the stem with some Epsom salts....makes a great filler and holds the stem in place well.
F3802037 RAZ Blossom Bush
RAZ really went all out with the paper flowers this year! Take a look at this assorted lilac bush. Available in orange, green or pink.
F3802163 RAZ Assorted Lilac Bush
The lilac bushes measure about 23" in ht. Last on our list for today is the paper poppy. We have poppies made of paper and EVA so be sure to notice in the description in case you are looking for a floral for your door. You wouldn't want to use paper there, unless you door is very well protected from the elements.
F3703417 RAZ Paper Poppies
These paper poppies pack a punch of color! They are single stems about 25" in length, but the blooms are about 7.5" in diameter. They look great in clear containers and again, you can always fill in with glass marbles if you don't look the looks of bare stems.
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