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Ornament Storage Bag by Treekeeper

Ornament Storage Bag by Treekeeper

Ornament storage, it's something we all have to deal with every year. Tired of all your ornaments getting scattered all over the place? The ornament storage bag can hold up to 72 ornaments, keeping them safe from dust, moisture and other damage ornament storage, treekeeper christmas ornament, keep your ornaments safe Christmas ornaments are special. Whether they just be balls and baubles for a beautiful tree or vintage glass from years gone by. Or they maybe something special made by little hands from long ago. For those special ornaments, you need a good ornament storage solution. For your "filler" balls or ornaments of that sort, we usually just put them in big boxes or plastic tubs. They are not the cherished ornaments that would cause you sadness if you lost or if they came up broken. But for special ornaments you need an Ornament Storage Bag from TreeKeeper. These bags are great! Watch the video.

TreeKeeper Ornament Storage Bag

Up front, let me say, that TreeKeeper sent me an ornament storage bag to review and evaluate at no charge. I appreciate this very much and will always give you my honest opinion on a product. The reason they asked me to evaluate the bag, was because I've been using a TreeKeeper Christmas Tree Storage Bag for several years now. It also, was sent to me for evaluation. And without any doubt, it has been a product so worthwhile, that I would not hesitate to purchase another one. But, today, we're talking about ornament storage. christmas ornament organizer, The bags come in several different sizes. The one sent to me for evaluation was the TK-10127 which they call their Original Ornament Storage Bag. Other sizes are available but this one is advertised as holding up to 72 4" ornaments. Here's the specifications from TreeKeeper:
  • 3 Lightweight ornament trays with convenient carrying handles.
  • Fit up to 72 ornaments!
  • Ornament Pockets Measure: 4 x 4 x 4
  • Inner metal self-standing frame increases support
  • 72 Ornaments
  • Heavy duty, self supporting storage bag features a front round pocket for the tree skirt.
Dimensions: 27" x 19" x 14" Product Code: TK-10127

Great Things About the Bag

Durability: Tough, heavy duty Polyester with sturdy zippers. treekeeper ornament storage bag, christmas ornament storage Dividers: Flexible, you can push them to the side if needed or leave a section out. christmas ornament storage Some of my inexpensive, but bulky ornaments took up too much space to place in dividers. So we left the dividers out and made them the last layer on top. That way we were able to squeeze in more ornaments. Don't try this with your valuable glass ornaments. Yes, that would be Browser's feet in the photo! He likes to be a part of the family and you'll find him right in the middle of anything we are doing! christmas ornament storage, treekeeper bag, storage bag for christmas ornaments Trays: The ornament storage bag trays have handles which are great. Just carry the empty tray over to the tree or set it on a table. No back-breaking work putting the ornaments in the bag on the floor. Just fill up the tray and place the full tray in the bag. ornament storage, christmas ornament keeper bag

Wrapping it Up

My 72" thick velvet tree skirt fit right into the zippered front pocket of the ornament storage bag. All my ornaments are safe now for storage and all together in this one bag! Floral sprays etc will be stored in another container, but the collectible glass ornaments are safe and sound. tree skirt These images were taken last Christmas as we were taking down our tree. Have you ever packed away Christmas ornament so nice and neatly to find that the next year, you can't find them! Yes, it's happened to me on more than one occasion. To this day, we still have about 50 gold balls that remain hidden to the naked eye. Well, with the TreeKeeper ornament storage bag, finding my ornaments was a breeze this year! No question about what box they were in, and we didn't have to move anything around to find them. That big green bag was so obvious! Found my Christmas ornaments in a flash! There have been no downsides to using the ornament storage bag. My only reservation, and it's not really a reservation, it's a big heavy when loaded. But so would a big box be! And the ornament storage bag has handles, so getting someone to take it to storage is no problem.

One Last Note

Because the ornament storage bag is big and green with it's TreeKeeper label on the front, it's easy to spot! Now, we all know....we're not supposed to store Christmas ornaments in the attic. The safe place is in a closet or storage area that is climate controlled. That would be an ideal we would all love to have, but practicality ensures and Christmas decorations are taken to the attic to rest in solitude until the next season. But here's a hint TreeKeeper, put some wheels on the bag! That would be the only thing I could see that would make it even more of a pleasure to work with.

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