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Ole Miss Wreath Tutorial

Ole Miss Wreath Tutorial

ole-miss-wreath Supplies XX749524 24" Dark Red Metallic Work Wreath RE134124 10" Red Wide Foil Deco Poly Mesh® RE130157 10" Navy with Royal Blue Foil Deco Poly Mesh® 772509M-055-40F Navy with White Stars Ribbon U306-1301 Crimson Red White Polka Dot Ribbon 3302719 RAZ Holiday Rivalry Elf MS1180E7 Blue and Red Football Helmet Ornament Cut Foil Ball Ornaments Blue 4" & 3" Cut Foil Ball Ornaments Red 4" & 3" 3302726 RAZ Cheer Sticks RG258102 Chalkboard Ribbon 4" Apply Mesh We started with a 24" Dark Red Metallic Work Wreath and applied mesh using the ruffle technique.
XX749524-dark-red-metallic-work-wreath XX749524 Dark Red Metallic Work Wreath
The 24" Work Wreaths measure 15" in diameter, but once mesh and other products are applied, the finished result is a 24" wreath or larger. We chose two colors of mesh, Ole Miss colors of course))) You can make this wreath in any color using the same technique of course. We used 10" Red Wide Foil Mesh and 10" Navy with Royal Blue Foil Metallic Mesh. Strips of mesh were cut into 10" length. The 10" strip of mesh was laid flat and scrunched up through the middle, with selvage edges to outside. Pinch to make a ruffle. We did two ruffles at a time, making a blue one and red one. Hold the two pinched ruffles and place into one of the twists on the wreath. It doesn't matter if you start on the inside ring or outside. Each time we laid down a ruffle, we alternated the colors in the next twist. We worked all the way around the wreath using two layers of ruffles. We still had about half a roll each of the mesh, so we cut the rest of the mesh into 10" length and for the next layer, we made spiral curls, rolling the mesh on the diagonal with a little pull. Two of these spiral curls were pinched in the center and secured in each twist around the wreath. It's important to undo the twist, and lay the spiral curls down on top of the ruffles and re-secure with a couple of turns. Add Ornaments We chose some blue and red cut foil balls in 4" and 3" sizes. Just position the balls around on your wreath to get an idea of where you want to place them.
cut-foil-glitter-ball-royal-blue Cut Foil Ball Ornaments 4" & 3" Royal Blue
You can secure lightweight Styrofoam balls like these by using hot glue, or inserting a wooden floral pick with a bit of hot glue and securing to the Work Wreath frame with the wire. We don't usually apply things permanently to our wreaths since we usually take them apart. So for our wreath, we cut a chenille stem in half, slipped it through the string hanger and wound the ball around the chenille until it was snug. Then secured the chenille stem to the Work Wreath frame.
cut-foil-glitter-ball-red Cut Foil Ornament Red 4" & 3"
Ribbon Strips We used two styles of ribbon on this wreath and cut the strips 14" in length. The star ribbon is 2.5" in width and made of cotton, it has a great texture and stiffness, perfect for ribbon strips.
772509M-055-40F-navy-white-stars 772509M-055-40F Navy with White Stars
The red and white polka dot ribbon is 1.5" in width. Ends of both ribbon styles were taped using a chevron or fish-mouth cut. Just fold the ribbon lengthwise, cut from the folded side at an angle. The 1.5" ribbon was laid on top of the 2.5" and both pinched in the center.
U306-1301-satin-crimson-white-dots U306-1301 Crimson White Polka Dot
To secure the ribbon strips, un-do the twist and lay the two ribbon strips down on top of the last layer which was the spiral curls. This time you can re-secure the twists with 3-4 turns if you are finished adding product. Cheer Sticks Two of the RAZ Cheer Sticks were used and just inserted into the wreath frame, secured with zip ties.
raz-cheer-stick-set-3 3302726 RAZ Cheer Sticks
RAZ Elf One of the RAZ Holiday Rivalry 20" elves was used to position in the center of the wreath. He is secured to the Work Wreath frame using zip times and chenille stems. He is posable, so we positioned his arms to hold a football ornament in Ole Miss colors.
3302719-university-elf-set-2 3302719 RAZ Holiday Rivalry Elves
ole-miss-wreath-closeup-2 The Football Helmet ornament is made of Styrofoam and very lightweight. These are good ornaments to position around the wreath also.
ms1180e7-blue-red-football-helmet-ornament MS1180E7 Blue Red Football Helmet Ornament
Add Ribbon Banner We didn't have a specific sign for Ole Miss, so we created a banner using 4" Chalkboard Ribbon and writing Hotty Toddy on it. You could personalize your wreath very easily with this new Chalkboard Ribbon. We just keep finding more and more uses for it))) It's sold out today, but we have more arriving next week.
RG158102-chalkboard-trendy-tree RG158102 Chalkboard Ribbon 4"
These are all the things that we used on this particular wreath. Please note, that many times we sell out of items that we have used in a particular tutorial, but we go ahead and leave the tutorial up since you can change it up most anyway with different mesh, different ribbons, etc.... ole-miss-wreath-closeup Here are some other suggestions that you might use for a sports wreath.
north-pole-university-set-2 3302727 RAZ Holiday Rivalry Ornament 12" and 7" Size
The North Pole "U" comes in two different sizes....a 12" and a 7"
3323114-ole-miss-finger-six-inch 3323114 Ole Miss Finger Ornament 6" or 10" size
3323141-ole-miss-logo 3323141 Ole Miss Logo Ornament
Glass ornaments like these can be hot glued by nestling down in the mesh and using hot glue on the back. You can also secure with clear fishing line. Other collegiate ornaments are available for other schools.
3302720-elf-university-set-2 3302720 RAZ Elves 12"
These little RAZ elves would be cute on the wreath too. They measure about 12" in size and are also flexible. After Christmas or football could take the elf and cheer sticks off and easily turn this into a Patriotic wreath. Add in a little silver and something USA. video-blue
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