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Old World Christmas Tomato Ornament

old world christmas garden tomatoThe Old World Christmas Garden Tomato is a unique ornament that is very popular with our customers. Any time we receive an order for several of an ornament, we're always wondering......what are they going to use this ornament for?? Last year, the Garden Tomato was used as a nice gift to a group of super ladies that raised tomato plants to sell as a fund raiser for a local youth group to go to camp. This year we received an order for several Garden Tomatoes for a family gathering.........a chili sauce fest))) Emily Edmonds and several members of her family, meet each year to cook up a batch of their homemade chili sauce. Now, we're not talking about a nice size pan on the stove inside the house. They cooked up 360 pounds of tomatoes, onions and pepper ......outside.....the real old fashioned way!

The Garden Tomato ornaments were given as keepsakes for this family gathering. Emily's sister-in-law dated the ornaments with a gold pen "Chili Sauce 2011" and these ornaments will still be around after those jars of chili sauce have been put to good use.

And yes, I tried to get the chili sauce recipe.....but it's a closely guarded family secret))) Thank you Emily for sharing this wonderful story about families taking time away from their busy lives to spend time with each other, carrying on family traditions ....... making memories.....and chili sauce)))

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