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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Nutcracker Wreath Supply Kit

Nutcracker Wreath Supply Kit

Christmas Nutcracker Wreath

Isn't this a beautiful Christmas nutcracker wreath! So brightly colored with rich blues and contrasting red and gold. Love the sparkly gold sprays too! The Deco mesh base is a new product this year. A blue, red, and green plaid. Perfect for the nutcracker sign. You can learn how to make this charming Christmas Nutcracker Wreath by joining Julie Siomacco's Wreath Making of the Month Club. We're always getting questions about how to join the Wreath Making of the Month Club and we're happy to refer them to Julie's website. In addition to teaching wreath making, she can also guide you in learning how to grow your business.

How do we know Julie?

Our friendship started several years ago. I can't remember exactly what started our chatting with each other unless it was over wreath materials. Around eight or nine years ago, Trendy Tree really started getting into stocking wreath making products. Our search for the products needed, resulting in browsing handcrafted wreaths. Some I liked, some not so much. But the wreaths I kept coming back to for inspiration and reference, was Southern Charm Wreaths. So it was only natural at some point that Julie and I started chatting. Via email as best I recall. One thing lead to another and we became good friends. Julie has always promoted Trendy Tree products and continues to do so today and we appreciate that so much. You know how so many times you have those "internet" friends that you know you'll never meet or see in person. Well, that wasn't the case with us. Julie started collaborating with Carrie on a wreath making project. An example is the Nutcracker Wreath supply kit. Julie was developing her subscription group "Wreath Making of the Month Club" and needed her members to have easy access to the products she was using in her wreath projects. So, Julie, Carrie and I met up at market and we've been the best of friends ever since! We share hotel rooms! I have no doubt that if she didn't live in South Carolina and we didn't live in Mississippi, we'd be having family dinners together)))) We still collaborate on the wreath kits for her Wreath Making of the Month Club and I would encourage you if you have an interest in wreath making, to enroll in her group. Julie is an excellent teacher. She is patient and takes time to show you in detail how to make stunning wreaths, whether they be grapevine or Deco Mesh. Also whether the products come from Trendy Tree or other vendors. Julie wants you to be successful in your wreath making and your business and she has the knowledge to guide you there.

Wreath Making Community

The wreath making community is like a family of sorts. Every business has competitors in the market and Julie isn't the only one teaching how to make wreaths! Nor, is Trendy Tree the only business selling wreath making supplies! But if you call us and need something that we don't have or something is out of stock, we will suggest you contact one of our business friends in the community. We want you to get the product you need. Hate to miss a sale, well sure. But providing the customer with products they need to complete their goal is one way of delivering excellent customer service. Maybe next time, we'll have just what you're looking for! Julie is like this too. She'll help you and if you have a question she can't answer, she will find it for you or has a wreath friend who can. She is an expert at wreath making, both mesh and florals, and can guide you through Etsy shop business and social media. It may seem strange to you that competitors can actually be friends, but it's true! When we go to market in Atlanta and Dallas, we always run in to our "competitors." This usually means an opportunity to make a dinner date or spend time in the hotel lobby socializing and just generally having fun. It works! And we're happy to be a part of this fun, hard working, exceedingly talented community.

Wreath Kit

The Nutcracker wreath is just one example of the style of wreath making that you will learn from Julie. For this month, however, we do have extra kits that we are making available to anyone who wants to purchase! This is a great opportunity to buy wreath supplies picked out by an expert! Click here to purchase kit: Nutcracker Wreath Supply Kit There will be no instructions with the kit, but it will contain all the supplies you see shown on the wreath. You can browse our tutorials for basic instructions for a basic pouf technique, adding ribbon strips or making bow. Or, you can join Julie's group and get immediate access to this tutorial along with many, many others: Wreath Making of the Month Club
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