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New Products Coming In - Box Wire Wreath Frame

New Box Wire Wreath Forms are coming in this week, starting at 12" 14" and 16" Many times customers like to create their own wreath form using chenille stems (pipe cleaners), zip ties or even branches from old Christmas trees or garlands for the "twists." These box wire forms are all painted green and made out of heavy gauge wire. The center portion is elevated a bit to give more height to your creation. Generally your overall wreath size will be 6" to 12" wider than the size of the form, depending on the size of your loops or poufs and the material used. Here's a video link for instructions on creating a wreath form using the Box Wire Wreath by Julie Siomacco of Southern Charm Wreaths. Julie also has a great e-book (downloadable PDF file) on creating beautiful wreaths and garlands. This book is excellent! It gives step by step instruction with lots of photos and even some videos that you can watch. learn how to make wreath using deco poly mesh

Stay tuned for more new products on their way to Trendy Tree!

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