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New Product - Craft Wire

We have a new product arriving first of next week - craft wire in two styles and many colors. This is a flat aluminum wire 5 mm in width and 29.5 feet in length. It comes in Purple, Copper, Apple Green, Brown, Black, Silver, Red, Turquoise, Fuchsia and Royal Blue. This is the 12GA 2MM round aluminum wire in Royal Blue. It also comes in Red, Silver, Black, Gold, Lime, Purple, Fuchsia, Copper, Brown, and Turquoise. This wire is 39 feet in length. I haven't had a chance to play with this product yet, but I did some browsing on Pinterest to see what other folks had created and here's a sampling. This is one of my favorites. A Clear vase with a blossom and silver wire. Silver wire has been used wrap around an orchid and will hold it down in the water and keep it from floating to the top. This photo comes from Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas. Whimsical Christmas tree created using wire and fabric. This photo comes from Better Homes and Gardens and there is a tutorial on making this cute napkin ring using fabric scraps, wire and cording. The crafty folks at Doodlecraft can show you how to make all sorts of pom poms. This one looks like it is made two difference sizes of craft wire. Love the curly stems. Sort of looks like a sweet gum ball to me (when you live in the South, you can always find uses for sweet gum balls at Christmas time). Be sure to visit the Doodlecraft blog...lots of great ideas there.

This great project is demonstrated at Family Chic blog by C. Fabbri and shows you how to bend wire into the desired word and wrap with yarn. The tutorial is excellent and there are lots of images to show you step by step. You will find many great ideas on this blog. The nice thing about this project, is you can make in any sort of design or word that you need for your project.

This Creepy Tree image is from Just Crafty Enough and just in time for your Halloween creations. They can show you how to take wire and floral tape to make this ghostly looking tree. Lots of images and a step by step tutorial at Just Crafty Enough.

This image comes from My Home My Style and shows you how to take a Styrofoam cone and just wrap your favorite color wire around it to get the Christmas tree shape. And with our selection of can make just about any kind of tree you want. A smaller cone would make a nice Christmas tree ornament too....teacher's card holders.....lots of ideas. Love the copper wire with the pine cones.

This image is from Craft Goodies and they have used the wire to fashion flower rings. This is a great idea and you could just take more of the wire and create larger flowers on a stem or practically any design that you need for a special pick. Wendy at Craft Goodies has many more images and step by step instructions on creating the rings above.

Another great idea just in time for your fall creations! These wire pumpkins were created by Mad in Crafts. Visit the Mad in Crafts site to see more images and the tutorial. Wouldn't these look great in the Copper and Brown color wires....

These new products will be arriving on Monday......and now that I've looked at some of the project created using the wire....I can't wait to get my hands on it to play with it!

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