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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only

New Product - Burlap Mesh - 10 Colors!

This great new product arrived today! Burlap mesh in ten beautiful colors. The rolls are 21" in width and six yards in length. All natural fiber, dyed in rich colors.

Starting from the left we have Apple Lime Green. Pretty straightforward color, your basic lime.

Next is what the manufacturer has labeled as Orange. Not a pure orange, but more of a pinkish orange, not quite coral and really difficult to describe!

Next is a nice shade of Chocolate brown.

Then we have a shade of Moss Green. Lighter than the Apple/Lime. Will be a great color for summer or fall.

Red is next, but it is more of a berry Red than a Christmas red, deep rich color.

Next color is labeled as Grey. But it has a light blue tinge to it and is actually more Grey/Blue than just Grey.

Next is Lavender...Lavender? Well....the company calls it Lavender. It looks more like a fuchsia to me, but since the label says Lavender, we will list it that way. It's a really nice color, very bright and pretty.

Black is black.

Next color is Yellow. It's a very nice color, but more of a mustard yellow or gold. Will be great for fall decorating.

Purple is the last color on the right. Not a deep dark purple, but more of a medium purple.

More colors and sizes of burlap are still to stay tuned!

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