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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only

New Pencil Tinsel Sprays - Fun Product!

New Pencil Tinsel Sprays arrived last week in 13 assorted colors and color combinations. The sprays come packaged 12 to a bag and measure about 24" in length. The stems are covered in foil the same color as the tinsel. Stems measure about 10" and the tinsel portion around 10-12" They are varying lengths. The tinsel is about 1/2" in width, wired and nice and soft to touch.

Colors include: lime green, red, black, silver, gold, turquoise, purple, white, copper, red/green; purple/green/gold, royal blue and emerald green.

The stems can be shaped, swirled and twisted in to all sort of shapes. One easy way of shaping a nice smooth curl is to wrap around a round object like a broom handle or something like that.

Some great color combination for Halloween would be the copper, black, green and purple.

Red, white and blue for Patriotic themes. These new pencil tinsel sprays will be fun to play with and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations! Be sure to send us photos and we'll post on the blog.
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