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New Fabric Mesh Styles

New Fabric Mesh Styles

Fabric of my personal favorites! I'm excited to say we have so many new styles for this season. 

If you're not familiar with fabric mesh, it's similar to plain mesh in that is it made of Polypropylene, but it has the addition of Polyester. The Polyester gives the mess more of a fabric feel versus plastic. 

The Polypropylene in the mesh has the waterproof properties and recoil. As with any mesh product, it will eventually fade when out in the weather. How long it takes to see a noticeable fade just depends on the amount of exposure and length of time. 

Take a look at some of the new styles.

This combination of red, black, and cream is perfect for Santa creations, winter wreaths, football wreaths, and anything with a farmhouse look. Plaids are so popular along with big bold checks and stripes.

Another great plaid! Dark red, grey, and white.....this mesh screams ROLL TIDE! It would be a great mesh for a snowman wreath too. We're seeing grey used a lot in ribbons and embellishment. Everything from snowmen to snowflakes. 


More plaids in an orange, black and cream. This mesh is great for fall creations and Halloween. I love fall decorating! And Halloween too. You could make a wreath with this mesh with fall embellishments, and then just add a little something more for Halloween. 

 This is just a sampling of some of the new fabric mesh....we have more! Just check out the fabric mesh collection to see it all. We're stocked up right on your favorite sunflower mesh too.

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