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New Colors of Nylon Tulle!

nylon tulle white

New colors of nylon tulle on the way to Trendy Tree!

Nylon tulle is so versatile when it comes to decorating. These rolls are 6" in width and 25 yd spools. red nylon tulleWe've had some basic colors, but now we adding more to our collection! New colors include pink, blue, white, orange, turquoise, yellow and purple.

Photo of colors isn't the best, we'll be posting better ones after the product arrives. Tulle can be used to decorate lovely packages and tie bows around most anything. Perfect for tying bows around Easter baskets. Great for pew markers, tying around bundles of flowers, around bases, making elegant packages. It can be purchased by the yard at craft stores and used to cover gift baskets and large packages. Small squares are great for holding birdseed for weddings, candies and party favors.

The new colors will be arriving any day now!

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