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Need a Bubbling Cauldron for Halloween?

Need a Bubbling Cauldron for Halloween?

We recently spent a few days at the Atlanta on this trip we were prebooking products for Spring of 2019....but we can never stay away from thinking about and looking at Halloween products. Here's an idea we saw in one of the showrooms. They were displaying the farmhouse look enamelware type product and this was an old fashioned bathtub container.....but immediately we thought....Halloween cauldron! The setup was created by using tiny twinkle lights in the bottom of the container and placing clear, iridescent ball ornaments on top. The twinkling lights gave the illusion of bubbling bubbles! So we thought take this same idea but use a black cauldron and bingo! You could even go a step farther and use a fog love love Halloween)))
Iridescent Ball Ornament - Walmart
Fog Machine - Walmart
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