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national nachos day old world christmas ornament nachos and doritos

National Nachos Day!


Where's your favorite place to get nachos? Home? Restaurants? We all have our favorite places don't we))

Two of our favorite places would probably be El Agave in New Albany, MS and Blacksmith's in Pontotoc, MS.

Our family's tastes range from simple chips, chicken, and cheese to loaded to the hilt!

Anyway, November 6 is National Nachos Day!

No matter how you serve them, or where you get them, nachos are a favorite snack during ballgames, quick lunches and anywhere you can eat them hot!

In honor of Nachos Day I thought I would check and see what we have in stock at Trendy Tree related to that. I found two ornaments that fit the bill! 

32532 old world christmas ornament nachos


This Nacho Christmas ornament is by Old World Christmas. It's made of mouth-blown, hand-painted glass. The Nachos SKU is 32532 and it's in stock right now. 

The hang tag reads: Nachos are a traditional Mexican food, originating from Northern Mexico. A delicious blend of heated tortilla chips covered with melted cheese. This comfort food can be served as a snack or dressed up to become a main dish.

It would make a great stocking stuffer gift for that nacho fan in your family))) Or, this cute ornament that looks like a bag of Doritos! What kid doesn't love Doritos. 

32559 doritos christmas ornament by old world christmas for the nacho fan


So if you're look for that cute small gift for the Doritos lover, we have you covered! The Doritos SKU is 32559 and is also in stock right, but we don't anticipate that it will last long. There are a lot of Doritos lovers out there!

The Doritos hang tag reads: This is an all time great American snack food. It has that wonderful nacho flavor and it will leave you licking your orange fingers clean afterwards.

Be sure to check out all our Old World Christmas ornaments, we have literally thousands of them))) Everything from animals to vacation spots, food and beverages, national parks, ornaments that represent everyday life. 

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