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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Wreath Making Tools  - Rotary Cutter & Mat

Wreath Making Tools - Rotary Cutter & Mat

PRY-2050-rotary-cutter-45-mm PRY-205- 45 mm Rotary Cutter
New tools have arrived to Trendy Tree! (sorry but these have sold out - but the cutter is available on Amazon)

We have been using a couple of tools at Trendy Tree for our project tutorials for several months now and frequently receive questions about them. So we decided we would try to find some and keep them in stock at Trendy Tree. The item above is a Omnigrid Rotary Cutter. It's the larger size at 45 mm.

Blade is protected by a safety guard. Guard slides back when pressure is applied exposing blade to cut through materials. Once you lift the cutter from the surface - the guard slides back into place covering the blade and providing protection. No button to engage or release blade! It does it automatically. Always use a rotary cutting mat to protect not only your surface - but your blade! CAUTION-blade is extremely sharp. For best results - use with the Omnigrid 45mm rotary blades. It rolls right over three layers of Deco Poly Mesh with ease. (The cutter in this photos is another brand that we had previously in the shop).


Blades will last quite a while, but you cal also purchase extra ones. We haven't actually had to change out a blade yet, so I can't tell you by experience if this is a easy or hard to do. I just know you better be careful because these blades are sharp!
PRY-2045-rotary-cutter PRY-2045 28 mm Rotary Cutter
The Omnigrid Cutter is also available in a smaller size, the 28 mm.

Next item is the Omnigrid Cutting Mat that measures 24" x 36" which is the perfect size for wreath making. They do come in smaller sizes, but right now we're only stocking this larger size. The mat will have to be rolled up to ship to you and when you take it out of the box it will stayed curled for a bit, but will eventually lay down nice and flat. You might want to place it on your surface and weight it down on the edges to help it along.

Next in our new tools is this small Hot Glue Pot. This a small hot glue pot, not as large as the little skillet type. We'll be stocking some of those too when we can locate a supplier. But this little pot can be filled with hot glue chips or you can stick in one hot glue stick at a time. It should work well for small projects. We haven't tried it yet, so we're anxious to give it a go. It's electric....wish someone would come up in with that was battery operated.... Hope
11379-glue-chips 11379 Glue Chips
We're always adding new things to the website, so check back soon!! We have added some Amazon affiliate links for the items we are out of. Save
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