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Multicolor Madness!

Don't you just love multicolor Christmas decorations! So many options! I have to admit, I do like clear lights on a tree when using multicolor ornaments. The clear white lights just enhance the glittering colors of pink, purple, green, red, blue.....truly magical. Children love multicolor......isn't that why most of us decorate)))
multicolor sequin ball spray
This Multicolor Sequin Ball Spray from RAZ and perfect for the multicolor tree. The stems are long at 30" and stiff. The ball is different from the previous multicolor ball spray in that this one is covered with sequins and this makes the colors stand out much more I think. These sprays shooting from the top of a tree can add a good 2 ft to the ht of your tree.
multicolor ball
These 4" Ice Mica balls are available in four colors, red, blue, lime green and purple. The "purple" is more of a purplish pink. We also have the red and green in a huge 6" size also. These balls are really value priced, they are light weight, have metallic cords for hanging and the colors just "pop!" Ashley at Domestic Fashionista created this fabulous wreath with multicolor Styrofoam ornaments and so graciously allowed us to share with you on our Blog.

I love the colors, it looks so cheery and was handmade using a wire coat hanger as a frame. She also created a brief video with very simple instructions.

Click to view video Domestic Fashionista: Ornament Wreath

Visit Ashely at her Domestica Fashionista blog for lots of great decorating ideas - and on a budget at that! I have to try one of these the multicolor and this just gets you to thinking about all the other color combinations! Wouldn't red/white/silver be great for a "Peppermint" look.....most any combination of balls would work....or same colors of balls, but different finishes. red beaded ball christmas ornaments from raz

snowball christmas ornament from razWe have some new Snowball ornaments coming in....what a great look that would be paired up with some black and red accents for a Snowman look....Ashley! Help!!

We have an entire section devoted to Multicolor Ornaments and Decorations. Browse around when you have some time))

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