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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!

Mother's Day Floral Arrangement

This outstanding floral arrangement comes from "One Charming Party." It is so beautiful I wanted to share and One Charming Party graciously gave me permission. The unique thing about this arrangement is the freshly cut orange slices tucked into the arrangement. You can just smell the crisp tangy aroma that must be permeating the air from this arrangement. One Charming Party is a business created by Sara Westbrook and Brittany Egbert. Their website is full of party ideas and decorations. They have tons of printables that you can download and even complete party packages for sale. The floral arrangement above was created by Robin Mathis from Twigg Botanical and photographed by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Lemons or limes would be beautiful in this arrangement to. While the arrangement is perfect just as it is, the fresh fruit slices on a pick sound like something that you can also do with a fruit style Christmas ornament. Depending on the shape of the ornament and the location of the cap, glass Christmas ornaments could be used in a similar fashion and once the arrangement has lost its freshness, the ornaments could be removed, recapped and placed on the Christmas tree. Great keepsake idea.

orange christmas ornament old world christmasThis Orange Christmas ornament for instance. The cap could be removed and a small dowel, pick or drinking straw (whichever is the best fit) could be inserted into the opening. To remove the cap, gently squeeze the circle together and pull upward slowly. Green floral tape could be wrapped around the dowel, straw or whatever is used. The insertion site at the neck of the ornament could be covered easily with a bit of ribbon or raffia in a color that would blend. I'm going to try this soon with the next beautiful floral arrangement I receive...hint hint to my child in case she is reading this)))

This new color of decorative poly mesh netting just came in......would it work great with this flora arrangement)))

orange, lime green, decorative poly mesh ribbon roll

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