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More Ideas for Trimming your Tree!

I'm always on the lookout for holiday decorating ideas and today my search turned up some absolutely stunning photographs of Christmas trees presented by the My Home Ideas Network. Please sit back and enjoy browsing through this gallery by Tria Giovan at My Home Ideas. If you visit their site, you can see more information on designers, accessories shown in the photographs and more!
tree - subdued elegance Subdued Elegance

This tree is entitled "Subdued Elegance." A minimalist approach often carries as much impact as a parade of showy decorations. Devoid of ornaments except for assorted glass balls, this tree epitomizes simple sophistication.

This is such a stunning, massive tree. It looks as if it was just cut from the field and carried into the house! You can just smell the fresh earthy scents. Sparsely decorated, and even no lights. Who says more is better.....not in this case!

Ravishing Ribbons

Ravishing Ribbons: Blue ribbons festoon this traditional tree -- an old-fashioned top note amid a collection of colorful ornaments and crisscrossing strands of beads.

Such an elegant, antique look. The bright blue colored ribbons just brighten the whole room.

A Jewel of a Palette

A Jewel of a Palette: Simple color highlights this elegant tree, which is sprinkled with a rainbow of jewel tones that redefine the traditional holiday palette.

I love the mixture of sizes and colors of the simple glass balls. There must be simply hundreds upon hundreds on this tree!

Fine Feathers

Fine Feathers: Antique glass ornaments and pheasant feathers combine for elegance with a rustic edge.

Feathers are okay, they have just not been one of my chosen decorating items. But, I'll have to admit, this certainly is a stunning tree and I wouldn't mind having it in my living area))

Silver Belle - Photo by Robbie Caponetto

Silver Belle: Resplendent in silver, this tree wears a mantle of heirlooms, such as baby cups -- proof that the best decorations often come from treasured collections.

Simply an awesome star on top. And I love have the loose balls are scattered underneath the tree. Simple greenery with clear lights and greenery with red blossoms compliment the room while the tree takes the center of attention.

Shimmer and Sparkle

Shimmer and Sparkle: Luminous balls, silvery snowflakes, and beaded garland carry out the tone-on-tone scheme of the living area. Subtle layers of texture and shimmer lend a degree of richness to the understated palette.

Charming for Children - Photo by Keith Scott Morton

Charming for Children: Tiny trees in a child's room adds to the holiday magic for little ones and are an ideal showcase for whimsical ornaments and pint-size toys.

These trees would be great for adding those precious ornaments and decorations made by little hands.

All Aglow

All Aglow: Sometimes more is much, much more. This dazzler of a tree -- with more than 10,000 lights, lush flowers, classic ornaments, and gold ribbon -- sets the stage for a grand, opulent holiday.

10,000 Lights! Unbelievable! This tree must light up the whole house. What a spectacular tree lighting event it must be.

Natural Wonder - Photo by Antoine Bootz

Natural Wonder: Natural decorations, such as leaves and pinecones, trim this country-house tree. The crowning touch: a star crafted from branches found in the home’s environs.

Resplendent in Red

Resplendent in Red: From swooping garlands to birds to glistening ornaments, brilliant red saturates this tree in drama. Sticking to a single hue, especially one that’s attention-getting, lends an added degree of presence.

Hope you have enjoyed this stunning showcase of Christmas trees. If you would like more information, please visit their site at My Home Ideas.

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