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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Milk Bucket with Pumpkins

Milk Bucket with Pumpkins

raz milk bucket, fall pumpkin, paint pumpkin, bow RAZ Milk Bucket with Pumpkins. K.I.S.S. Project 003 This project is a re-purposing of a RAZ Milk Bucket. K.I.S.S. just means "keep is simple silly" or "keep it short and sweet" Projects that are quick and easy to do. Milk Bucket with Pumpkins This RAZ Milk Bucket has been around in my kitchen for several months now. Back in the early spring it was filled with carrots and an Easter bow. Then for spring and summer it held faux green apples and a red checked bow. Now the RAZ Milk Bucket is filled with pretty fall pumpkins and a bow.


3811223 RAZ Galvanized Milk Bucket 52475ASST Bag of 5 Assorted Pumpkins XA1227 Bag of Faux Snow


This bow was made out of scrap ribbon, we we have literally hundreds of ribbon styles to choose from. This little bow is a great way of using up your short ends of ribbon too. But you can browse ribbon here to find the perfect ones: Ribbon


Assorted chalk and acrylic paints came from WalMart along with inexpensive brushes.

Painting the Pumpkins

We painted pumpkins for the milk bucket. The pumpkins are assorted sizes and color and made of Styrofoam. Painting is not something I've done a lot of, but always wanted to! The navy with white pumpkin ribbon was my focal point, so I just painted the pumpkins with that ribbon in mind. We used a navy paint on a couple of pumpkins and a pale cream with a greenish tint on some. All the pumpkins were not painted, for sample a little orange pumpkin just as it was. raz milk bucket, fall pumpkin, paint pumpkin, bow The paints cleaned up easily with water and it didn't take much of the paint. I wasted a little by putting too much on my plastic plate. So, on the next time I'll know to use it sparingly! And it took longer for the pumpkins to dry than I thought. Left them until the next day.

Putting it all Togetherraz milk bucket, fall pumpkin, paint pumpkin, bow

The Faux Snow (or you could use straw or Spanish moss etc.) is made of plastic so I just pulled it apart to thin it out a bit. Some crumpled paper was used in the bottom of the milk bucket to fill it up a bit before the Faux Snow was added. The painted pumpkins were just laid around in the milk bucket. They were not secured with glue or anything. K.I.S.S. decorating means keep it simple silly, or keep it short and my favorite thing to decorate is something that I can use from season to season by changing out the contents, greenery or bow for instance.


A simple hand tied bow was made by using the 2.5" ribbon first. Three loops were made leaving tails of about six inches. Two loops were made with the 1.5" ribbon and the same length tails. The bow was secured with wire and then secured to a 6" floral pick. Using a pick to hold the bow to the milk bucket, for instance, helps to keep it in position and not flopping. raz milk bucket, fall pumpkin, paint pumpkin, bow The bow was just slipped down in the bucket. And that was it! Nothing fancy, just K.I.S.S. - keep it simple silly! The milk bucket isn't so large that it takes up a lot of room on my island and it's easy to move as needed. But, it provides just a little spot of seasonal decorating, such as changing it out for summer to fall to winter. Sometimes you just don't have time to go all out for a season, but this little milk bucket with pumpkins just reminds me....fall is coming))) raz milk bucket, fall pumpkin, paint pumpkin, bow Here's more K.I.S.S Projects you might like to see. K.I.S.S. Fall Sunflower Tobacco Basket K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep It Simple Silly If you would like to see more of this style decorating or floral projects, just leave us a comment....for instance if you would like to see floral or other small projects.
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