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Market Finds for our Collegiate and Sports Fans!

We have lots of customers who have been creating projects for their schools and Alma maters and I know you've been waiting to see what we come up with on our market visit!

Royal Blue an White Stripe - will be available again this year, arriving to Trendy Tree in May. If by chance I can get a few cases earlier, I will do my best.

Vertical Line mesh in Royal Blue. This mesh has a deep rich color, no glitz or sparkle, but the texture feels great. It almost nubby like or as my daughter described it...."shelf paper." It will make an excellent base for wreaths with it's deep color and texture. We should have some of this arriving in just a few days. We'll also have white, orange, purple, yellow, red and other colors.

2.5" Royal Blue added to our inventory - arriving in May

4" Royal Blue - arriving in May.

2.5" and 4" Royal and White Stripe - Arriving in May - Also Orange and White

Auburn fans....this one is for your! We were supposed to have this last year, but when it arrived, the blue was more of a light to medium blue. I have been assured that this year the colors will be correct. This will be arriving in May.

This one is perfect for Tennessee. Again, we were supposed to have it last year, but it never made will be on our shelf this year for sure - arriving in May.

Royal Blue Twist Foil - has a laser iridescent thread for lots of shine and gloss - also coming in some other colors.

Royal Blue Wide Foil - this image doesn't do this product justice! It's a wide, solid foil mesh. If you want your customers to say "wow" when they look at your wreaths, this is the perfect mesh base. Will be more expensive and I'll get more photos up soon. It will also be available in several other colors.

2.5" Royal and White Velvet Striped, wired ribbon - arriving in July.

2.5" Blue and Orange Satin Stripe, wire edge. Also coming in purple/yellow and cardinal red/navy. Arriving in July. And Auburn fans....we found a navy blue with orange tiger print! No photos of that one yet, but it will be arriving in July also.

2.5" Houndstooth - also coming in a style with a red edge.

5" Houndstooth Hat ornament ......who does this remind you of?? Also have a 17.5" houndstooth stocking coming.

These are some of the new styles on order.....we'll be restocking all our basic colors in 21" - 10" - 4" - 2.5" and some 6". I'll be posting more information on the new items later.

Can't wait to tell you about the new Work Wreaths and Work Garlands......they really have a new "twist")))))))

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