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Little Red Riding Hood

Who would have ever thought that a tale so simple as Little Red Riding Hood, could cause so much mystique, cultural awareness ....and even have Freudian connotations. There is even a "politically correct" version....give me a break! My suggestion is to stay with the Little Golden Book version and package the beloved book with a Christmas ornament of Little Red Riding Hood herself. We have three different ornaments to choose from, all in different price ranges. Perfect childhood keepsake gift......a book for now.....a collectible ornament for years to come.
old world christmas little red riding hood
The Old World Christmas ornament has a hang tag that reads: The fable of Little Red Riding Hood tells the tale of a little girl who always wore the red hood her grandmother made for her. On an errand one day, she disobeyed her mother and left the path - almost getting eaten by the big bad wolf. Rescued by a brave hunter, she reminds us to always obey our parents.
inge-glas little red riding hood christmas ornament
The Little Red Riding Hood from Inge-Glas was painted using the new Life Touch method of hand painting. The ornament is new for 2011 and from the Fairytale Forest collection.
inge-glas little red riding hood
This Little Red Riding Hood ornament was introduced in 2009 and is the most expensive of the three. It is also larger and packaged in a royal blue gift box. Little Red Riding Hood on her way to grandma's with her basket of goodies. Ornament measures approximately 5". This heirloom Christmas ornament is from the "Fairy Tales" collection from Inge and introduced 2009. This ornament was created using the new "Life Touch" Life Touch is introduced by Inge-Glas, an amazing development adding to their colorful 400 year family history of German glass blowers; a classy new and innovative painting technique known as "Life Touch." With precise and meticulous detail, skillfully trained Inge-Glas master artists apply ultra fine feather strokes revealing delicate life touches to enhance their uniquely beautiful Christmas ornaments. Ornament is packaged in a royal blue Inge-Glas gift box. If you want to know more about the controversial history of Little Red Riding Hood, visit Wikipedia and browse through the history there. For me.....I'm staying with the Little Golden Book)))
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