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Ladybug Deco Paper Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Ladybug Deco Paper Mesh Wreath Tutorial

ladybug-wreath-finished Browse our latest video tutorial and see how easy it is to make this wreaths using Deco Paper Mesh and the ruffle technique. Supply List:

XX748824 24" Red Work Wreath


RR800127 White Deco Paper Mesh


RR800102 Black Deco Paper Mesh


RR800124 Red Deco Paper Mesh


981840-13 Satin Red Black Polka Dot Ribbon


981840-21 Satin Black White Polka Dot Ribbon


KG2924 Ladybug (2)


Watch the Video

Let gets started!

Smooth out the twists on the Red Work Wreath

Cut strips of Deco Paper mesh in 10" lengths. Deco Paper Mesh is 10" wide and 10 yards in length.

The Work Wreath has 18 twists and we made the wreath using a double layer of ruffles. So you will need 36 ruffles total. Cut 12 from each color. (In time I would probably use more white than red and black. Think the ribbons and ladybugs would have stood more more.)

We use a 24" x 36" self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)

Create Ruffle:

Lay a single piece of the Deco Mesh down on the table with edges curling under. Scrunch or gather up through the middle of the 10" x 10" square (having selvage edges to the sides.)

Pinch the ruffle in your fingers and open a twist on the outer ring. It doesn't matter which twist you start in. Lay the ruffle down and close the twist with just a couple of turns. You don't want to twist it 3-4 times right now, because you're going to come back to it again.

Continue around the outer ring of the wreath.

Start the second layer of ruffles on the outer right by opening one of the twist and laying the second ruffle down on top of the other. You can offset them a bit and close the twist again with only a couple of turns. Continue around the outer ring until you have a double layer of ruffles secured.

Move to the inner ring and continue the same way.

You will have some loose strings when working with Deco Paper Mesh or just about any type poly or burlap product. You can snip them off when you are finished.

After the outer and inner rings are covered in a double layer of ruffles, you are ready to attach ribbon strips.

It's always best to do a test ribbon strip before cutting up all your ribbon to make sure it isn't too short or too long. Measure the depth of wreath. If the depth is 7-8" - you'll need ribbon strips that will extend a little beyond the depth of your wreath. We cut these strips 15" Anywhere from 13-15" would probably have worked just as well.

Chevron the ends of your ribbon for a nice finish or cut at an angle. Ribbons can also be attached in loops, bows...etc.

To attach the ribbon strip, pinch in the center, open a twist completely and lay the pinched ribbon on top of the ruffles. Secure the twist now with 3-4 turns.

We did two styles of ribbons and secured them at the same time. We just alternated with red on top, the white/black on top. You can use as many ribbon styles as you like, different sizes ect.

Attach the Ladybugs.

We used two ladybugs on this wreath. Just put your wreath on a stand or hang it and test where you want to secure your larger items. How you secure items to the wreath just depends on what you are using. For these ladybugs, we secured them using a black chenille stem around the leg, securing them directly to the wire frame of the work wreath.

If you are selling your wreath, you do want to attach items very securely. Sometimes hot glue works well for light weight items, but most of the time we use chenille stems, floral wire, fishing line or a combination of these items. Zip ties work well too...and they hold very securely.

The last step is to clip loose strings, fluff your ribbons out and check the back of the wreath for any sharp edges. Wires that might scratch the door or wall can be pushed to the center with needle nose pliars or if you can move something, cover it up with a bit of tape or ribbon.

Finished wreath measured about 27-28" in diameter. These colors would work well for a Minnie Mouse wreath))) It's a great summer color combination, you could use a watermelon sign, ants, back porch...and so on. The ruffle technique is a great way to begin making wreaths.....and you can make them as simple or as embellished as you wish. video-button

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