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K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep it Simple Silly 001

K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep it Simple Silly 001

KISS decorating, keep it simply silly, keep it short and simple K.I.S.S. decorating is just "keep it simple silly" or "keep it short and simple" We won't mention what one of the S's can stand for)))


When it comes to decorating your home, sometimes you just have to give up and either find someone else to do it, or go with the K.I.S.S. method. Putting up seasonal decorations is not an easy job, but we can make it simpler and less time consuming. My plan for today was to get at least one thing put out in our living area. First thought was to take a white easel back pumpkin from last year's decoration and fluff it up a bit with a new bow and maybe a very small floral. Well, we live in a brand new house.....things are somewhat "in order." Where is the dang easel back pumpkin?? It's not a small thing by any means but it seems to be well hidden at this particular time. So, once that plan was trashed, it was time to move on. Keeping the K.I.S.S method in mind, I did find this RAZ wildflower spray. Again, this was from last year, so I removed the bow that had adorned it and ran by the Trendy Tree store.

Trendy Tree Store

Now that Carrie has opened the store in Pontotoc, all the crafting supplies we used to keep at home and at the shop, are now at the store. So, I went searching for ribbon scraps and ideas.

Putting it Together

The wildflower spray had a long stem, not very pretty, the stem anyway. So I folded the stem upward, heated up the hot glue plan and wrapped the stem with jute. Found some red ribbon that accented the red fall flower in the bundle and a pumpkin stripe for a little neutral color. Made a simple two loop bow with each of the ribbons and tied it around the spray. K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep it Simple Silly The wildflower bundle will be pretty just lying around on the coffee table, or on a tray, or on the countertop in the kitchen. I'll move it around every week or so and after Thanksgiving, tuck it away somewhere. Didn't even use any wire on the bow or chenille stem. Just secured the ribbon with some of the same jute used to wrap the stem, and tied to around the stem. K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep it Simple Silly, fall bouquet So don't give up on decorating, just K.I.S.S. it! Pretty sprays can be turned into table decorations, they don't have to always be in a vase or centerpiece.

More Ideas

One thing we noticed at market this past year was the use of brown kraft paper. The paper was used for gift wrapping and here's a little floral spray that was wrapped in kraft paper. K.I.S.S. Decorating - Keep it Simple Silly The kraft paper gives the floral pick a fresh look. Fits the K.I.S.S. perfectly. Brown kraft paper, tied with jute. Easy peasy!

Suggested Florals

Here's a link to our selection of sprays. There are several that would lend themselves well to this easy decorating. Spray and Picks. Also check the Floral and Containers category. Always browse both categories when you are looking for bushes, sprays or picks. Sometimes it difficult to decide what category to place them in! Sometimes even when you have access to all kinds of supplies to make thing anything your heart desires, you just don't have the time. So opt to K.I.S.S. it - keep it simple silly!

Next Project

Next up project.....redecorating this metal farmhouse milk bucket that sits on my island. Time for some pretty little fall pumpkins and new ribbon. We still have some of the RAZ Milk Buckets in stock (as of this posting). raz milk bucket, metal pail, metal bucket, raz bucket This little bucket has been a small spot of decoration in my kitchen for a while. It's held carrots for Easter and apples for spring and summer. Next up, little gourds or pumpkins and then we'll do something for Christmas)) raz milk bucket, k.i.s.s., keep it simple silly
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