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Ideas for Decorating an Old Fashioned Truck Container

Ideas for Decorating an Old Fashioned Truck Container

old fashioned truck container

The old fashioned truck container can be used for all sorts of seasonal floral arrangements. 

This old fashioned galvanized pickup truck container measures about 17" x 10." The size makes it a good choice for a coffee table, bookcase, or other tabletop.

The pickup bed could hold a piece of Styrofoam for silk flower arrangements, or you could slip in a clear plastic container with Oasis and add some fresh flowers. pickup truck planter

Truck Container

The old fashioned truck is made of metal and it's really a nice size as you can tell by the image above.

The wheels do not turn, so you don't have to worry about it rolling off your table! It's not a toy, its for decoration only. It looks great by itself, but just imagine how it would look with a few flowers tucked in the back!

The old fashioned truck container could be treated like decorating a lantern. You know when you just want a small spot of decoration for a holiday, season or special event. You may not want to go all out decorating your home for Easter, but you could fill up the back of the truck with some Easter grass and show off your dyed Easter eggs for example.)))

In addition to the galvanized silver old fashioned truck, we also have a green truck and white truck still in stock.

We'll be getting more of the red trucks too. And if you're looking for a "half truck" we have them too!

We asked some of our followers to share their favorite truck images with us.

Browse for great ideas to decorate your old fashioned truck.

Seasonal Ideas


Spring flowers in an old truck. This design by Coral Daisy Designs by Amy is sporting one of my favorite ribbons! Coral plaid, it's been so popular this year. Check out Amy's Facebook page for more designs.

spring truck, daisies

I've placed this old fashioned truck by Anita Gregory Madura, Practically Perfect Wreaths N' Such, under the spring tab, but it's filled with an assortment of greenery and subtle bow that would work all year round. Check out Anita's Etsy shop for more creations.

farmhouse truck planter


Pretty little white and orange pumpkins would look good. Or you could some of those small gourds that are so decorative. A pumpkin spice candle would be a nice touch and smell so good! Here's an arrangement that Rachel did when Carrie opened her store in downtown Pontotoc. A lucky person won this as a door prize. You can watch Rachel as she created this arrangement, the link is at the bottom of the post.

old fashioned pickup truck planter Love this old rusty truck and the straw filler! Check out Wreaths by Veronica for more stunning creations. Veronica teaches wreath making too, so check out her Facebook page for more information.

truck with pumpkins floral arrangement


Look at this cute version of a red truck loaded by succulents and cacti. Perfect for a southwestern flair. Image from Cindy Priko-Thiele.

red truck

Here's another example of an old fashioned truck loaded with succulents. Love the little snippets attached to the fenders. Image submitted by Monica Camper.

metal pickup truck container

Sherry Irving created this old fashioned truck for her mom. She doesn't have a business, she just likes to create. Me too Sherry! Well, most of the things I make are for tutorials to promote the products we sell, but truth be known, they are made for me))

 summer truck with yellow flowers


Here's another old fashioned truck ready for Christmas by Karen Schlenz of Kits Designs by Karen. Check out Karen's Etsy shop for seasonal creations to fit your decor needs.
red truck


Red white and blue truck filled with succulents and a red flag. Image from Sharon Ingram. Those succulents look real!
patriotic truck


Here's another Patriotic pickup truck by Katie Parker. Katie is working on getting her new business started so watch for Katydids Krafts. Love the combination of the checks and red truck ribbon.

red white blue pickup truck kplanter

Love this blue Patriotic truck by Tonia Taylor Moody. Beautiful bow Tonia!

patriotic bow


Old fashioned truck with an Easter bunny, cotton bolls, and carrots. Love that grassy bunny! Created by Lisa Andrews Shaffer of Lanterns by Lisa. Check out her Facebook page.


easter bunny, carrots, easter truck

Wrap Up!

I'm wrapping up this post with a gorgeous old fashioned truck arrangement done by our friend, Nick Kreticos of Nick's Seasonal Decor. You can shop for beautiful creations like this in his Etsy Shop.

old fashioned truck container

Nick is a sweet guy and makes such beautiful pieces! And another great thing about Nick is that he teaches other folks how to do it too! I

f you're looking to learn how to arrange flowers and create beautiful wreaths, check out his website, Nick's Seasonal Decor. I

hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can decorate an old fashioned truck. And remember, if you don't think you have any "floral skills" you can always fill the bed with some straw and fill with pumpkins for fall. For Easter, use some colorful Easter grass and show off your egg decorating skills! Fill a Christmas truck with vintage Christmas ornaments, or candy canes.

On Valentine's Day, fill a truck with shiny hearts, old Valentines, or a bowl of decadent chocolate. And if your truck isn't the color you need, just spray paint it!

And if you need an old fashioned truck, check out what we have in stock at Trendy Tree: Trucks Thanks to everyone who shared their images for this post, we appreciate it!


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