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How to Make a Heart Shaped Tulip Wreath for Valentines

How to Make a Heart Shaped Tulip Wreath for Valentines

Need just a little bit of Valentine decoration for your home! Here's an easy heart-shaped wreath that you can make just using a few tulip bushes on a wire frame.

red tulip valentine wreath

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Here's the blog post link:

You can also use different types of forms to make a tulip wreath. And tulips are available in so many pretty colors!

You can choose from a straw form, grapevine or even Styrofoam. You would need floral pins for a straw form or Styrofoam and hot glue for a grapevine.

You could follow the same technique. Just keep the tulips going in the same direction and cover of the stems of the previous bundle as you go around the wreath.

A round form would be easier to work with than a heart-shaped form because you have the points to work with on the heart form. But it's still doable!

Keep in mind, I made my wreath for myself, so I didn't use any hot glue or anything permanent. I'm likely to take it apart after Valentine and re-use those pretty tulips in something else!

The bow was pretty small and only took a couple yards of ribbon so this is your chance to use up some of those scraps.

If you're an old hand at making tulips wreaths, we would love to hear from you! This was my first, so I'm sure there are tips out there that I could use before making another one.

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