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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

Here's a quick and easy way to make your own Halloween wreaths from Sinamay mesh netting ribbon and the new "Work Wreath." Your wreath can be customized to the style and color of ribbon you wish to use, accessories and size. The new Work Wreath just stocked at Trendy Tree result in a finished wreath that measures approximately 24" to 28" depending on the size of your loops. The Work Wreath is made of wire and "twisties" similar to Christmas tree branches. These are easily twisted around your bunches of mesh netting, fabric or ribbon. For this wreath we used 21" black and white checked mesh netting and 3" orange metallic mesh ribbon for contrast.

work wreath supplies

Ribbons, work wreath, scissors. Might need some wire cutters depending on the type of accessories you might choose.

work wreath

Start by placing the Work Wreath on a flat surface and straighten out the twists. The Work Wreath is made from two metal ring and twists are staggered around the rings.

starting wreath

Start the first twist by gathering about 3-4 inches of your netting and place between the twist ties. Twist securely, about 2-3 twists.

adding another color

You can add another color or style of ribbon next by the same method. If it's easier for you, go all the way around the Work Wreath with your first color, then repeat with your second or contrasting ribbon.

bunching ribbon

Take about 10" or so of mesh netting in your hand to make the next bunch. Secure it with the twists. Continue working around the wreath. Try to keep the bunches about the same size, but don't worry about keeping everything too straight or each one just alike. When you are finished you can pull the netting here and there to even out gaps or thin places.

ready for trim

Once you've gone around the wreath cut the ribbon after the last bunch is secured. You can cut it short or leave the end long if you plan to add a bow to finish off the wreath. I like to cut it short. Then you can position you bow wherever you like. Just don't cut it so short that it might pull out of the twist ties.

adding trim to wreath

You can add all sort of trim or embellishments to your wreath. We added in some black sparkly sprays and black glittered balls. This is where you may need wire cutters to shorten the stems of any picks or sprays.

halloween wreath using the work wreath

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