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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
How to Make a Football Wreath

How to Make a Football Wreath

how to make a football wreath; tailgate wreath, tailgating wreath How to make a football wreath or tail gate's easy! This is basic ruffle wreath with a few bows and ribbon strips. You can do it! Anyone can make this football wreath. It's perfect for your tailgate Saturdays. Video at end of post.


XX7504W4 24" Burlap Pencil Wreath XB93210-15 Natural 10" Burlap Mesh - 2 rolls MD0485 Tailgate Sign RGA136927 White Football Ribbon RGA1367J7 Fresh Green Football Ribbon RG1093 Football Laces Ribbon All these ribbons were 2.5" in width and 10 yards on the roll. You could customize this wreath by choosing your favorite team colors. We also have several different football themed signs.

Wreath Form

Our Trendy Tree 24" wreaths measure 15" across the widest ring. With the addition of mesh, ribbons etc for instance, you wind up with a finished wreath that measures 24" or greater. You could use another color of wreath form for this project.

Deco Mesh

We chose two rolls of natural burlap mesh to make the football wreath. One roll isn't enough, but it doesn't quite take all of the two rolls. Our mesh was cut using a self healing cutting mat and rotary stick cutter. The mesh was cut into 30" length strips. There are 18 twists on a pencil wreath, so 18 pieces were cut.


Just lay the mesh out and gather up through the center, making a ruffle. We started on the outside, but it really doesn't matter. Start where is most comfortable for you. Place one 30" ruffle in each twist.


The sign was secured to the wreath frame using chenille stems. Don't press the sign down too far into the mesh. You may want to hang your wreath to decide on the placement of the sign. Make a hanger for the back of the wreath using chenille stems, floral wire or zip ties. Once you have the position of the sign where you want it, you can secure it to the wreath frame.


We made three identical bows using the Bowdabra and position them along the left upper part of the wreath. You can put ribbon on your wreath in many different ways. You can make bows, do ribbon strips or loops and tails. After the three bows were made and placed, we still had ribbon left over. We cut several ribbon strips 13" in length. A cluster of the three different ribbons was used and placed around the wreath on the left side. Not necessarily in each twist, but randomly to space out the ribbon. A fourth bow was made using the remainder of the ribbon and placed on the bottom of the wreath on the right side. The bow was actually secured to the metal sign using a small Command hook. Glue dots were used to keep a couple of the loops in place. Note: It's very hot in the summertime here, so I'm not sure how glue dots will work. I've used them inside many times, but not on the outside. Once the wreath is placed on my door, the dots may melt! We'll find out))) how to make a football wreath, tailgate wreath Attempt at securing the bow to the wreath frame under the sign resulted in the bow just not fitting right. It wanted to lean forward. We could have removed the sign and placed a small hole in the sign using an awl and hammer, but we opted for the command hook instead.

Clean Up

Check the back of the wreath, fluff your ribbons and clip your strings. You will have some strings. All mesh unravels and some does it worse than others. Again, the football wreath could be made up in many different colors. We have many styles of mesh and ribbons to choose from along with different football themed signs. See, I told you it was easy to make this football wreath. Now all you need is a tailgate party to show it off! Hotty Toddy! how to make a football wreath, tailgate wreath, *This post contains affiliate links.
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