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How to Make a Face Mask from Paper Towels

How to Make a Face Mask from Paper Towels

paper towel face mask, facemask This is a tutorial for a paper towel face mask. The mask is intended to be disposable and will not protect you from viruses, but may help in the spread of germs to others in minimizing droplets from your mouth or nose when you cough, sneeze or speak. PLEASE continue to do frequent hand washing, keep your hands off your face, maintain physical distancing of 6' apart. Do not allow having a covering on your face to give you a false sense of security. All the other measures are more important. The CDC is recommending that we wear something over our faces when we do have to go out for essential business. We have tutorials for three different types of face masks made from cloth. Some are made with elastic, shoestring or just cloth ties. Here's the link to that tutorial: How to Make a Fabric Face Mask This tutorial will show you how to make a mask with just staples and rubber bands or machine stitched. Insert video here

Paper Towel Face Mask from Staples and Rubber Bands

face mask with staples and rubber bands We experimented with making face masks using items we had on hand. The first was paper towels, staples, and rubber bands. This is not the only way to make a mask but it's a simple one.


Paper Towel with 6" perforation (we used Bounty) Blue Shop Towels would probably be a better choice since they are thicker. Staples Rubber Bands Fold the paper towel in half on the perforated line. Make two (or three) tucks in the paper towel. Make the end about 1 - 1/2" in width. Secure with a staple. Do the same for both ends. facemask, face mask Staple a rubber band to each end. My rubber bands were about 2 - 2/2" but a bit longer would have been better. Be careful not to staple through the rubber band. paper towel facemask

Machine Stitched Paper Towel Face Mask

machine stitched paper towel face mask Make a machine-stitched paper towel face mask if you have more time on your hands. We used the same Bounty perforated paper towels and added a half of a chenille stem so that you can shape the mask over the bridge of your nose for a better fit. make a face mask Be careful not to stitch directly on the chenille stem or risk breaking a needle. Make 2-3 tucks in the mask and stitch on the ends. Stitch a 5" piece of shoestring (or elastic if you have it) on the edges. sew a face mask The length of the shoestring (or elastic) can always be adjusted in size to fit your face. machine stitched paper towel face mask

More Tutorials

If you are looking for a cloth face mask tutorial check out this post: How to Make a Fabric Face Mask And if you just need something spring to work on, check out these recent posts: Moss Covered Tree Bark Arrangement Spring Welcome Ruffle Wreath

Final Note

Remember, the primary things we need to do during this difficult time is to wash our hands, stay 6' apart, keep our hands off our face, support our healthcare workers, first responders, leaders and each other. First and foremost, pray for our country.
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