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How to Make a Candy Roll Decoration

Here's a quick and easy way to make some large candy style decorations that are very inexpensive and light weight. This one is made out of scrap mesh left over from other projects and a cardboard tubing from a 50# roll of packing paper.
Gina Carter-Small
Pool Noodle Candy
The inspiration for the candy decorations came from the video tutorial by Prettify Your Life on making Pixie Sticks and on Gina Small's Candy Roll decorations using pool noodles. There are so many ways to create these fun decorations.....just let your imagination soar.....and for me, that means stick to what I have lying around, at least for the first one, then fine tune the plan and purchase items as necessary.

Supplies included left over Wide Foil Lime Green Mesh, cardboard roll, clear cellophane, thin white floral wire.

The cardboard roll was measured and cut into even thirds. This roll came out 8" Again, you can use an assortment of items for the candy, it just depends on what size you want, how much you want to spend and how long you plan on keeping the decorations around.

I like my decorations to be "disposable" or taken apart and used for something else. I would take more care with them if I were planning to use them for several occasions or sell them.

The cardboard roll was a little hard to cut, this is where it would come in handy to make the mark and hand it over to the hubby and say please cut this for me.....but on this Saturday morning he was on the golf course with our are never where they need to be when you need them....

The mesh was 21" wide so I split it down the middle and cut a length of about 24" or so. The mesh is open weave, so you have to roll the mesh around the cardboard 2-3 times to cover it well.

This is wide foil mesh, other meshes would probably not work as well or at least you would have to roll it more times. And you can use any sort of covering....plastic tablecloth sheeting, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper which has wonderful choices, I wanted to use this wide foil because of it's sparkle.

The mesh extended a little beyond the ends, but don't trim this, the more you trim mesh, the more it ravels of course. Just tuck them inside and secure with a little tape. It won't show once you've covered in the cellophane.

Cut your cellophane the width of your candy roll plus about 6" to extend each side. Then just roll the candy up in the cellophane a couple of time. Trim any excess.

I secured the twists with thin white floral wire and then put some red and green tinsel garland around the ends.

You can decorate your candy roll before you wrap it up in cellophane with a variety of ways......this one has red pencil tinsel wrapped around it.

The candy decorations are very light weight and could be used on your Christmas tree, table top decorations or even on your wreaths. I'm showing this candy roll on the wreath just to give you an idea of the's made from the mesh left over from the wreath and the same color.....but it was the only wreath I had available to photograph))

So, don't throw away anything! Well, almost never need when cardboard, a scrap of this and that will come in handy. Candy rolls covered in mesh (wide foil mesh anyway) is a great way to use up your scraps. Now I'm thinking.....what would that look like in Hot Pink Wide Foil.....or Purple......or Orange and Black for Halloween.....

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