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How to Make a Candy Ball Decoration

Super simple way to make large, inexpensive, lightweight Christmas Decorations. This was a 9-10" ball purchased at Wal-Mart for $1.50, 40" clear cellophane and any sort of ribbon trim you want to use. Just cut a large square out of the cellophane and position the ball in the center, roll the cellophane over it and twist the ends in opposite directions. Secure the twist with wire, pipe cleaners or something like that. I used a thin white floral wire. If the ends of your twists are a little long, or uneven, trim them now. You can apply ribbon to the twists, I used pieces of red and green tinsel garland that you can just cut with scissors. The garland is wired and you can twist, curl, etc. I actually like it better with without any ribbons or anything, it looks more like the candy pieces. Super simple and you can make in all sorts of color. You could probably use balloons too which would be even less expensive. Great way to add some large pieces to your Christmas tree without spending much money. Think I'm leaning toward a Candy Land tree this year))) There is a tutorial by Parents that shows how to make the candy pieces using colored paper plates. Here's the link to that tutorial: Blog post
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