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Add Flowers to a Truck Container

Add Flowers to a Truck Container

how to add a floral to truck container This post will show you how to add flowers to a truck container. The galvanized truck planter was the basis for the fall arrangement and is available on the website. Here's a little video to show you how Rachel created the floral.


A1287 Galvanized Truck FL4436 Pepperberry Pick Burgundy - 2 3577-BE Beige Daisy Mum FL4963-BE Elm Leaf Spray NF203553 Fall Magnolia Leaf - 2 G32846 Spanish Moss Pick 52475ASST Bag of Pumpkin 30624YW Sunflower Bush The other supplies used but not available on Trendy Tree were: Styrofoam, floral picks, wooden skewers.

Preparing Floral Stems

Rachael added flowers to the truck container first by separating the floral stems on the larger bushes using the EZ Cutter. The SteelPix machine was used to attach sharp metal picks to the end of the cut stems. The Steelpix machine is not sold on Trendy Tree but you can buy one at Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

Covering the Styrofoam

Rachel used a block of Styrofoam cut from a large sheet. The Styrofoam was secured in the bottom of the truck bed with hot glue. Styrofoam was cut so that it did not extended up above the side planks of the truck. Snips of Spanish moss were used to cover the Styrofoam. The entire Spanish Moss stem was not required, we had leftover pieces. Blooms were also left over from the sunflower bush.

Adding the Floral

The stems could be hot glued if you wish. Typically when adding florals to a wreath or garland, we dip the ends of the floral tips into the hot glue. The truck container was to be a stationary centerpiece and would not be shipped, etc. So the glue was bypassed for this tutorial. Rachel worked the truck container from side to side to balance the arrangement when she added flowers. For instance, to keep the flower stems balanced, she placed stems in opposite corners. Occasionally the truck was turned to check the view of the floral. The truck would be viewed from all sides so it needed to be balanced. It didn't have to be identical on each side, but balanced.

Adding Pumpkins

The pumpkins were placed as the last step in adding flowers to the truck container. The pumpkins come five to a bag and are varied in size and color. The faux pumpkins are made of Styrofoam. Rachel tool a wooden skewer and placed the sharp end into the bottom of the pumpkin making sure that it didn't go all the way through. Stems were then cut based on the height that was needed.


The great thing about the truck container is that you can use it for so many different occasions or holidays!Just lay some little pumpkins or gourds on a bed of moss if you are not comfortable adding flowers to the truck container. Make a floral arrangement for Christmas using some fresh cedar picks or other greenery, red berries, etc. Place vintage Christmas ornaments o a bed of tinsel for a Christmas truck. Small red and pink hearts or Conversation heart candy could be used in the truck for Valentine. Old vintage Valentines could be displayed in the back of the truck also. Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies on a bed of grass in the pickup bed would be nice for Easter. This truck planter with flowers is going to find it's way to my house))) old pickup truck planter, truck container, galvanized silver truck *Post contains affiliate links.
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