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Here Comes Peter Cottontail! Twig Wreath with RAZ Easter Bunny

Here Comes Peter Cottontail! Twig Wreath with RAZ Easter Bunny


When I first saw this lounging bunny by RAZ.....I knew we had to have it in stock! It's so cute with it's burlap overalls, straw hat and casual, carefree pose.........can you say Peter Cottontail! You can just see him squeezing under gate in Mr. McGregor's garden as Mr. McGregor screams...."Stop Thief!!! Stop Thief!!"e3353332-posing-bunny

In the 1950's we had the 45 record of Peter Cottontail and Mr. McGregor's garden. I must have listened to the story of Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter hundreds of times. Peter was always so mischevious. Another reason we picked this little bunny out is because.......he reminds me of one of my grandson! The comedian.....he's always showing off....always making us AJ, this creation was inspired by you)))

I chose to start this arrangement using a Square Twig Wreath. They are messy to work with but work well especially for Spring and Summer creations. My goal in doing this creation to demonstrate to you the sizes of some of the products we have in stock versus creating a display for home use. If I were making this to take home, it would be embellished more.....and secured better. We generally make things, take them apart and re-use))


So, we started off with the Square Twig Wreath Form which measures 15" at the widest part. Generally once you have applied materials, the measurements are the same as the 24" round Work wind up with a project about 24" in width or more, depending on your materials and embellishments. And FYI, the Twig Work products will now only be available in one color. Previously we had Brown-Green and Green-Brown.....go figure....they were a little bit different but not enough to continue producing re500033-golden-yellowboth colors......thank goodness!!

The mesh product is a Golden Yellow Cotton Windowpane 21" by 10 yards. The picture of the mesh on the craft table makes it look more orange than it really is. That could be from the lighting, and it was also still in the cellophane. Getting colors accurate in photos is always difficult.

The windowpane mesh is made of cotton and has a stiffness to it, great texture. Once thing I noticed about using the Cotton Windowpane material was that the sizing didn't flake off as in some products. tg1185-moss-ball-garland

A Moss and Twig Ball Garland was also chosen. This is a great product, but I'll have to admit, it doesn't show up well on the website. Another reason for using it in this creation. I don't know about you, but even though dimensions are given on really helps me to visualize it if I can see it used on something so I can relate to the actual size of it.

So, the first thing we did was attach the cotton windowpane mesh to the square form. I just picked a random place to start, and gathered the end of the mesh and gave it a couple of twists securing it to the frame.


I didn't count to measure exactly or anything, just continued on around the frame using the lower twists sometime and the upper twists at other times. Didn't try to cover up the twig form, I wanted it to show through.



Next we took the Moss Ball Garland and secured in 4-5 places around the square twig frame.


Next we added in a Twig Carrot and Radish. Used a bit of wired Moss Ribbon to tie around the tops and then secured with the twists on the square form.



I really like the wreath at this point.....simple and can see the mossy covered of the square form, but we continued to experiment with our embellishments. We moved the Twig Carrot and Radish up to the center top and tried placing the RAZ Bunny at the bottom.


Then to finish off, we attached a small clump of blossoms in the center of the Twig Carrot and Radish using more of the Moss the finished project looked like this:


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