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Harvesting the Holiday - Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports

Harvesting the Holiday - Decorated Christmas Tree by Craig Bachman Imports


When we visited the Craig Bachman Imports showroom back in January, this was one of my favorite trees! We just kept coming back to it over and over......and each time we did....we found new things to add to our stock!

It's a beautiful tree and one that would want to make you start decorating in October for sure! We have several items coming in that were used on this tree.....not all of them are listed on the website yet.


This gold, chocolate, copper striped wide foil was extremely popular last year and we'll have it in stock right now. It's a wide foil so it just shimmers. It's also available in the 10" width which is in stock too....and we'll be adding a 4" width that will be arriving in a few weeks.

Copper Glamour Rope Copper Glamour Rope
Laser sequin Glamour Rope in copper.....great for a fall/autumn look and popular for Halloween creations as well. This Copper Glamour Rope is flexible, wired to hold the shape you fashion it into and looks nice just swirled in and around the tree. It adds a nice texture. Comes in 25 ft rolls and in several other colors as well. xg6076-bead-garland-brown-orange-gold-moss-cranberry This bead garland is something we almost missed!! Once it saw it on this tree.....we started searching for it and ordered it in several colors. If you're tired of lightweight plastic decorations......this garland is just what you've been looking for. The beads are assorted with some being frosted or flocked, matte finish, shiny or pearly. They are different sizes and color combinations. Colors in this garland are brown, orange, gold, moss and cranberry. It's made of acrylic and has some weight to it.....should drape nicely.


This Fabric Clip on Butterfly ornament is 13" in width and made of beautiful fall colors outlined in jute thread. It clips on making it super easy to add to your tree. Great for wreath making since you can just clip it on and not have to secure in any permanent fashion. As we continue to list other products....we'll add to this post!
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