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Halloween Mantel from RAZ Ghastly Graveyard Collection

Halloween mantel from RAZ Imports Ghastly Graveyard collection for 2012. I love this mantel because it can be re-created with a variety of products and still have the same look. The Witch's Spellbooks are available in about 4 different styles. We have them that stack, or lie open faced. Witch's Spell book This style is probably are most popular and best seller. Every year we run out and even though we stock more each year....we still run out! So order early in you're interested in it. RAZ Witch's Spell Book - stacked version This is another version of the stacked Spell Book, side lying version. Also very popular. It hasn't arrived just yet, but should be coming in any day now. RAZ Witch's Spell BookThis is one of the open-faced styles and is in stock now. This is a set of three open-faced styled books. This is a version that we haven't carried before this year at Trendy Tree. It too should be arriving any day. The color jars make a dramatic statement and would also be great holders for Halloween tapers. I probably wouldn't light them if using real candles, but you could also put battery powered tapers in them which would be safe around all the Spanish moss and give additional height to the arrangement if needed. We won't be stocking the candle strand in orange, but we do have several other colors that would work equally as well in an antique look. Single antique silver candle lamps also will be in stock soon. This is the RAZ Antiqued Gold Pillar Candle Strand with five pillars that are 6" and 7" in height. They are made of glass with an antique crackle like finish. The RAZ Halloween mice snuggled in the Spanish Moss add to the creepy effect that your kids will love. These little mice are made of resin and sold in sets of three. Bags of Spanish Moss or wood wool can be picked up at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or any of your craft supply stores. Branches of fall leaves would look nice too and for a temporary display you could even use fresh branches from maple, sweet gum or hickory for beautiful red, orange and gold colors.
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