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Halloween Decorations

It's Sunday afternoon and I have such good intentions of doing website work.....Google keeps making changes that keeps us small business owners busy, busy busy updating, adding UPC numbers in our case to all our products......all 2000+ of them......but I take a quick break and take a peep at I have to say anything else....if you haven't is a must if you love seeing gorgeous photos of anything and everything. It's WAY more fun to search there than on Google, Bing, Yahoo or anything. You don't even have to be looking for anything to become completely absorbed in minutes. Here are my finds for Halloween today)) These photos and ideas come from Better Homes and Gardens. This line up of elegantly dressed skeletons would make a great welcoming group to your home for Halloween. raz top hatThey could also sit on porch steps, chairs on the porch. The smaller RAZ black top hat could be fashioned for this debonair look. This adorable caterpillar isn't too scary and sure to be a hit with small children! Made from little pie pumpkins, painted, dots from felt and a big pair goggle eyes, chenille stems or pipe cleaners for antennae. Wide him along your walkway. This rest in peace grave is a little more scarier for small children, but it's a good way to use up those old bones! Skeletons after they have been used for a year or two, always come apart and I just hate to throw them away.....see, now if I still had all my old bones I could do this. This little pumpkin lanterns are my favorite find today. They are the little mini or pie pumpkins carved and have battery powered tea lights inside. They are hanging from Shepherd's Hook. These little carved pumpkins look great sitting on top of candle sticks too. Well...I have to get back to work now, or you won't find us in your web searches! Happy Halloween!
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